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Physical Therapy In Miami:  What NOT to Do

When you sign up for your physical therapy in Miami, at Physical Therapy Now, you will be fully prepared for your initial appointment.  Here at Physical Therapy Now, we prioritize the customer service experience, and we make sure you know what to expect long before you walk through our doors to meet our friendly and welcoming physical therapy team.

It is extremely rare, but now and then, a client may fall behind in their physical therapy progress.  The good news is, it’s easy to help get them back on track by pinpointing where things have fallen short.  Here are the top 3 things we find happen that cause physical therapy in Miami to not progress as successfully as planned, and why you should be sure you don’t let them get in your way of recovering to your fullest potential.

Don’t Wear Restrictive Clothes

Because the team at Physical Therapy Now has vast experience in executing physical therapy appointments under any circumstances, you can be sure we’ll do our part 100% at each session.  However, one key factor that promotes comfortability and mobility is the type of clothing you wear.  For example, a big, bulky sweatshirt may not be best for shoulder injury rehab or a pair of tight skinny jeans obviously won’t work for a physical therapy appointment for a knee injury.

Clothing for your physical therapy appointment should be non-restrictive and should be easily maneuvered so the injury site can be comfortably exposed.  Your physical therapist will be monitoring the healing process of your injury to make sure that it is not only healing properly but also to make sure there are no infections.

Don’t Skip Appointments

Your sessions for physical therapy in Miami may not be topping your list of fun things to do anytime soon; however, you need to come to all of your appointments.   It may seem like it’s ok to miss just one or two sessions, but those one or two sessions are part of the big picture and the baby steps that get you from feeling not-so-great to feeling much better.

Because we know you have a busy schedule, we have both evening and weekend hours to accommodate your needs.  Plus, with multiple locations in and around the Miami-Dade area, physical therapy in Miami will be extremely convenient.

Don’t Be Late

When we schedule your appointments, the idea is that you’ll be ready to get started at your scheduled appointment time.  Sure, things happen and perhaps there could be an event out of your control that makes you late.  However, on any other day, you should be on time.  That slot allotted for your appointment is there for you to get the maximum benefit from your session, and without ample time, you may not get all the physical therapy you need.

Physical Therapy in Miami

Whether you need physical therapy following surgery, because of a car accident or because of a sports injury, the team at Physical Therapy Now is ready to meet your needs.  Call us today to get started at (800) 481-4589.  We can help!


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