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Functional Capacity  Evaluation

An FCE, or functional capacity evaluation, is defined as a set of tests and observations completed in an effort to determine if an individual can meet certain demands – most often these demands are employment related. They are useful in a variety of circumstances and may, at times, even be required.

They are utilized by employers in relation to workers compensation claims to determine if an employee is able to return to work and can be used to determine the disability status of an individual. Whatever the reason might be for you to need a functional capacity evaluation, rest assured that you have come to the right place. Physical Therapy NOW is highly trained and capable of performing your evaluation.

The exam consist of multiple physical examinations to test the upper body and lower body physical abilities of a person.  These set of exams could last from 4-5 hours per person and sometimes even 2 days if the client request a 2 day exam.


Functional Job Analysis 

The functional job analysis is an evaluation that measures the physical and functional aspects of a specific job.  It is individual for every employment position.

Why would an employer require a Functional Job Analaysis?

An employer will usually require a FJA for multiple reasons.  Most employers require a job description for hiring using the results of a functional job analysis.  This will describe the physical demands of a specific position helping the candidate understand the physical demands before the hiring process.  Employers who want to minimize the risk for injury while promoting safety will usually ask for a FJA.

Matching a employment candidate with the proper position will help eliminate potential injuries in the future and decrease workers injuries. Email us to schedule your Functional Job Analysis evaluation at Info@PhysicalTherapyNow.Com


Pre-Work Screening 

After the employer understand the physical demands of a specific position using our Functional Job Analysis they will usually refer their candidate to Physical Therapy Now in order to have a Pre-Work Screen or Fit for Duty examination to ensure they could meet the physical demands of that position avoiding any future injuries or unsafe body mechanics.  Email us if you are interested in a Pre-Work Screening for your employees. Info@PhysicalTherapyNow.com

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