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Top 5 Common Sports Injuries

The clients to seek physical therapy treatment in Miami differ in age, range, and size.  One day, we might begin rehab with a 20-something professional who slipped a disk lifting a heavy box, while the next client is an 80-year-old trying to regain strength after hip replacement surgery.  We see them all here at Physical Therapy Now – including athletes.  They seek physical therapy in Miami for a host of injuries – and today we’re highlighting some of the more common causes for their trips to one of the many Physical Therapy Now locations.

Broken Limbs

Although the bones in the arms and legs are very strong, it doesn’t take much for one to break.  An awkward fall can create a snap that even spectators can hear from the stands.  Broken arms and legs can be quite gruesome, but when properly healed and rehabilitated with the Miami physical therapists at Physical Therapy Now, the bone can be stronger than it was before it broke.

Torn Tendons and Ligaments

The tearing of tendons and ligaments is very common in any sport, primarily because of the sharp pivots and fast turns taken by athletes during their games. The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is amongst the most commonly torn ligaments has to be completed to ensure the ligament is fully healed.


TBI – also known as Traumatic Brain Injuries – can be life-threatening.  They often occur in car accidents but are also quite common in athletics.  Over the last decade, there has been a significant push to educate both players and coaches on the dangers – both long and short term – of TBI’s.  Specifically, concussions have received notable as a result of a TBI are carefully monitored so the brain and any affected functions can heal properly.

Back Injuries

Your back:  it’s one of those areas of your body that you don’t fully appreciate until it isn’t in 100% full working condition.  Especially when it comes to athletes:  without a fully functioning back free of pain, the athlete can’t perform to his or her fullest potential.  Even the slightest movement, like a deep breath, can cause unbearable pain and suffering.  Your Miami physical therapist will use proven techniques to ease your back pain so that you can get back to the game as soon as possible.

Miami Physical Therapy

If you are an athlete and you have suffered an injury in our Top 5 list or if you have any other injury, call us today at Physical Therapy Now.  No matter what your injury, we have the expertise and skill to help you recover either in one of our many Physical Therapy Now locations or in the comfort of your home.  Our job is to help you get back to your sport.  You should be doing what you do best, and our job is to help make that happen.   We’re ready to schedule an appointment at your convenience, so call us at (800) 481-4582.   We are here for you!


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