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What Happens at Physical Therapy in Miami?

Whether you have been injured in a sport, in a car accident or if you are recovering from surgery, physical therapy may be highly recommended to help you heal.  Some people opt out of physical therapy, but they are missing key benefits that can only be experienced with a top physical therapist in Miami.

If you’ve chosen the latter, you may be wondering what you expect as your first appointment for physical therapy in Miami draws near.  Read on to learn what your initial visit will entail.

Getting Started

Getting physical therapy in Miami is much easier than it used to be.  Now, patients in Florida don’t have to get a recommendation from their doctor as they had to previously.  This convenience means you can call your Miami physical therapist directly to schedule your first appointment.

Your team of highly qualified physical therapist in Miami will make every effort to accommodate your schedule so getting to your first physical therapy session (and those thereafter) is hassle-free.

During this time, your insurance information will also be recorded.  We will then contact your insurance company directly to determine your coverage.  Here at physical therapy now, we prioritize customer service and our open communication with you is of the upmost importance.

The Evaluation

You’ll arrive at one of the many Physical Therapy Now locations in and around Miami.  As you walk through the doors, you’ll be greeted by one of the friendly staff members.  You’ll be asked to complete a few short forms with any health concerns, along with the reason you are in need of physical therapy.  Your previous condition before your injury/surgery will be discussed along with your goals and expectations.

Your physical therapist will also get a better understanding of your physical limitation(s) so a customized physical therapy plan can be built specifically for your individual needs.

Some people inquire about the clothing they should wear to their evaluation.  Your physical therapy session can be completed in most clothing types, but it is best if you wear clothes that allow you to move freely without restriction.  Consider your injury area:  if you are recovering from shoulder surgery, it will benefit you most to wear a shirt with loose or no sleeves so your physical therapist in Miami can easily access the area undergoing rehab.   Alternatively, if the patient is undergoing rehabilitation after knee surgery, shorts or loose pants that will allow the physical therapist to see the knee would be most beneficial.

If you have any questions at your initial evaluation or any appointments after that, you are encouraged to communicate with your Miami physical therapist about any questions or concerns.  Each appointment will help you get closer to your goal, and a transparent relationship with your Miami physical therapist is key to your success.

Physical Therapy in Miami

You have just found your top physical therapist in Miami.  Physical Therapy Now has multiple locations and around Miami and across the country.  Your successful outcome is our top priority, and we will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals. Call us at (800) 481-4582 to schedule your first evaluation so we can get started on your physical therapy today.  We are here for you!


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