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The Best Place to Work in Miami

You’ve been there before.  You might even be there right now.  That job your working is taxing, and not just when it comes to your itty bitty paycheck.  You probably dream daily about working in a place that is fun, positive, uplifting, and makes you feel happy to be there.  Is there such a place?

Of course, there is!  Physical Therapy Now is the best place to work in Miami, and that’s not just a claim.  We’re out to prove WHY you will love working with us via our company values and testimonials, straight from the mouths of our current employees.

Company Values

We are in the business of Physical Therapy, so it is imperative that the needs of our clients are at the top of our priority list.

The Employee Experience

To provide a Class A customer experience, we must also prioritize the health, happiness, and well-being of the employees at Physical Therapy now.  Because we know happy employees play a vital role in any company, we make sure each hire has a positive attitude along with the willingness to enhance their skill set with the Physical Therapy Now team.  Plus, we sweeten the employee experience with “the little things” that make work feel less like work and more like home.   Here are just a few reasons to come to work with us.

Espresso, Anyone?

Who doesn’t love a delicious freshly brewed shot of espresso now and then?  At Physical Therapy Now, not only do we brew fresh espresso in the mornings and afternoons, but we personally deliver it to each employee as they complete their daily tasks.

The Boss Is Cool 

Miami native Andy Zapata know what its like to work for someone else, so when he launched Physical Therapy Now, he knew the importance of being not just a thorough CEO but also someone whom his employees were comfortable communicating with on a daily basis.

“Creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone is highly valued is so important to me,” Zapata explains.  “My business is only as good as the people I hire, so I make sure I take care of them not just to keep them happy, but also because I know how crucial they are to my own success and that of Physical Therapy Now.”


feeling is beyond compare.  We celebrate those accomplishments at Physical Therapy Now, and that’s something special.


We checked in with some of the employees at Physical Therapy Now to get their feedback on why they think their job is so special.  When asked why they love working at Physical Therapy Now, this is what they had to say:

“It feels great to know we have a team that is always willing to jump in and help one another.”

“It’s a total team environment!”

“We have awesome bosses, great physical therapists, and great clinics.”

“I love that Physical Therapy is so patient-centered.  There are so many facilities in the area for them to choose from, and I think it’s great that they choose us, because we’re the best in the city.”

“Being at the top is a wonderful feeling. We are number one in responding to patients and their needs, and that helps us to support them in meeting their goals.”

“The CEO is amazing.  He encouraged me to improve my general knowledge about how the company works so I would be knowledgeable about how to advance in my career.”

“My favorite thing about working at Physical Therapy now is that we n make a difference in other people’s lives through rehabilitation.  It’s like community service and work rolled into one.”

The Best Place to Work in Miami

Are you looking for a new job with excellent opportunity for growth, a great atmosphere and a place with perks that will have you bragging to your friends and family?  Be sure to check out each of our job openings!  With multiple locations in Florida and on the East Coast (and more on the way), the company is growing every day, so you’ll be joining an ever-expanding family of people who love what they do and do what they love.

Call us today for more information or check out our website for more details or click here to apply .


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