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Broken Ankle Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Miami for Broken Ankle

You will never forget that pain, and you probably remember each and every second leading up to that moment when you felt – and heard – your ankle break.  It is one of those things that you don’t realize how much you need it until it doesn’t work anymore, right?

Well, look on the bright side… our goal at Physical Therapy Now is to help that ankle of yours heal properly, so it is even stronger than it was when it broke.  We are experts in broken ankle physical therapy!

When Can I Start Broken Ankle Physical Therapy?

Unfortunately, there is no standard time period for when you can begin your broken ankle physical therapy in Miami.  We will refer to your medical team to learn the circumstances surrounding your injury.  For example, were you injured in a slip and fall accident?  Did you break your ankle in a sports injury or perhaps you broke your ankle in a pedestrian accident, in a single car accident, in a two-vehicle car accident or a multiple vehicle car accident.  Broken ankles in car accidents are quite common, but no matter how your injury occurred, we can help.

As soon as your doctor clears you to begin physical therapy in Miami, your medical team at Physical Therapy Now will be ready to get started. We’ll work with you before your appointment to make sure your insurance coverage is in place, and your broken ankle physical therapy is covered to the maximum that your policy allows.

Then, when it’s time to get started, we’ll tap into our many years of physical therapy expertise to not only help your ankle regain strength and mobility but also to reduce any pain associated with your broken ankle.

Does Physical Therapy Hurt?

The goal of physical therapy in Miami is to help your ankle get better.  We will use only the most successful techniques and exercises to help your ankle heal.  Many people are worried that they will be in immense pain as they go through each physical therapy session but know this:  one of our goals for you is to REDUCE pain, not induce it!  We will also help you get off any pain medications associated with your broken ankle.

Broken ankle physical therapy in Miami is not an all-out sweat session, and some people are even shocked at how targeted our exercises are for broken ankles.  You may move your ankle as little as one inch to the right or left (or up and down), as our skilled Miami physical therapy teams focus on your specific healing area.

We also find what works best for your broken ankle, in particular. For example, one patient may show tremendous gains taking part in regular aqua therapy sessions, while another patient benefits most from laser therapy.  Your case is specific to you, and we will treat your broken ankle physical therapy in Miami as such.

Broken Ankle Physical Therapy

Do you need broken ankle physical therapy in Miami?  We can help!  If you need physical therapy after a cast removal or post-surgery, we have all the expertise you need for the optimal healing of your broken ankle.  Call us to get started now at (800) 481-4582.  We are ready to get started when you are, and we’ll begin customizing your broken ankle physical therapy plan TODAY!


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