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Sports Rehab in Miami

Recovery from sports-related injuries can be long and difficult; but physical therapy for sports rehab in Miami can make that recovery more efficient, resulting in you returning to your normal self in a shorter amount of time. At Physical Therapy Now, we have the expertise to put you on the best road to recovery! Our team providing Miami physical therapy will work with you to find the best solution for your specific sports injuries and rehabilitation needs.


Is Sports Rehab in Miami Right for Me?

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, sports rehab in Miami can provide you with relief and recovery from your sports injury. At Physical Therapy Now, we know that one of the frustrations of an injury is that all of your regular health maintenance activities are compromised, whether you are no longer able to take your regular afternoon walk or stretch out with your yoga class.


Our therapists will help you return to your normal activities by building strength through alternative exercises and therapies. No matter what your sports rehab in Miami needs are, our team can build a recovery program tailored to your needs and specific injury.


Physical Therapy and Recovery from Sports Injuries

Sports rehab in Miami consists of exercises and strength-building activities to promote functionality of patients.  There are many different types of therapies utilized by therapists at our centers, including (but not limited to) exercise therapy, occupational therapy, laser therapy, and massage therapy. These therapies will result in more blood flow to the area of the injury, resulting in a decrease of inflammation at the site of the injury, and improved recovery time. Do you require surgery for your injury?


Physical therapy can also promote recovery from surgery. Additionally, physical therapy can reduce the need for sports rehab related surgeries and provide a non-invasive treatment program. If you have sustained any sports injury, whether it is a herniated disk or a hamstring injury, sports rehab in Miami can provide a treatment solution for you!


Begin Your Recovery Today!

We know you want to return to your normal life, and we want to help you get there. Being active is an important part of everyone’s life, and it’s the goal of the team providing Miami physical therapy to work with you to promote a speedy and strong recovery to allow you to recover your functionality and regular life.


Contact Us Today for Physical Therapy in Miami

If you have a sports-related injury and require sports rehab in Miami, call your team at Physical Therapy Now to start on your road to recovery. Physical therapy in Miami will make you stronger, more flexible, and promote your health and wellbeing. One of the enduring benefits of physical therapy is a deterrent against future injury, and the team of professionals at Physical Therapy Now are ready to work with you for a healthier future.  Our Team at Physical Therapy Now is excited to team with you to promote your speedy recovery. Call (800) 481-4582 to consult with our team and make your first appointment for Miami physical therapy today!


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