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How Physical Therapy Now Can Help


Have you heard about the therapeutic benefits of physical therapy in Miami?  Are you wondering if you are a candidate for therapy services? Consider visiting Physical Therapy NOW and allowing our trained and certified staff become your partner in recovery.


Physical Therapy in Miami has proven to help physical functionality, reduce pain, and improve recovery time in individuals of all ages and athletic abilities, and can work for you too! If you are looking for the best Miami physical therapist, call our team today. We look forward to working with you and will meet and exceed your expectations!


Achieve Better Heath with Miami Physical Therapy

Many of our clients are new to physical therapy in Miami and don’t know what to expect when they visit Physical Therapy NOW. At Physical Therapy NOW, our team works with you to make sure you know what happens during your treatment. When you first arrive at any of our locations, you will meet with a therapist and develop a targeted treatment plan that considers your health status and goals. The resulting plan is made to support your injury, condition or need, and the therapist will educate you about the specific recommended therapies to best support your recovery. Our team at Physical Therapy NOW will de-mystify physical therapy for you so you can receive the best Miami Physical Therapist.


Physical Therapy in Miami: A Range of Services in Convenient Locations

If you are new to physical therapy in Miami, you’ll love the therapeutic benefits of our services!  At Physical Therapy NOW, we offer a full range of therapeutic offerings provided by the best Miami physical therapists, including:



Getting started on physical therapy in Miami is easy. Physical Therapy NOW has multiple locations in the area, including a center every 5 miles in Dade County, and every 7 miles in Broward County. We work hard make sure using our services is convenient to you and we hire only the most skilled employees. Call us today to meet with the best Miami Physical Therapist so we can get started on your recovery immediately!


Best Miami Physical Therapist: Available in Your Community TODAY!

If you are suffering from any pain from a surgery, injury or ailment, physical therapy in Miami might be the perfect form of treatment for you.  The best Miami physical therapist is at Physical Therapy Now and we have extensive experience working with patients just like you.


We know your pain is significant to your circumstances, and we will treat you – and your therapy – as individuals because not only is that what it takes to get better, but because that’s what you deserve. Call us now to make your appointment, and we’ll explore physical therapy in Miami as an option for treatment.  If your insurance company questions physical therapy, we’ll step in and handle that as well.  We’re ready to take your call at (800) 481-4582 to see if Miami physical therapy at Physical Therapy Now is right for you!


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