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How to Get Off Pain Medication with Physical Therapy in Miami

Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from physical pain because of an injury? Are you looking for a pain mitigation solution, but are concerned about addictive nature and side effects of the most commonly used prescribed pain medications? Or perhaps you are already on a pain control regime and you want to stop taking meds but are concerned about how to get off pain medication safely and comfortably?


With Miami physical therapy at Physical Therapy Now, you can stop taking medications. Physical therapy in Miami has proven effective in managing and minimizing pain and can help you stop taking medication.


Opioids and Physical Therapy: How to Get Off Pain Medication

When you choose to do physical therapy in Miami, your skilled physical therapy team at Physical Therapy Now can be your partner in managing pain and reliance on opioids. As the opioid epidemic spreads throughout our communities, we have to look to new methods and strategies of managing pain.


Recent studies have focused on the use of physical therapy to get off pain meds, including a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which concludes physical therapy is effective to lower pain in clients who receive it. At Physical Therapy NOW, we have experience providing physical therapy to support clients to stop taking meds, regardless of whether your pain is associated with a car accident, a back injury, neck pain or any other ailment.  Please be advised pain medication addiction is a serious condition, and any treatment plan will include coordination with the client’s medical care providers to ensure the best possible outcome with the common goal of returning you to your normal life as soon as possible.


A Better Way of Pain Management: Stop Taking Medication

Do you wonder how to get off pain medication? Physical Therapy offers pain mitigation to support you to get off pain meds. Whatever your injury may be, physical therapy in Miami can improve your healing time, manage pain, improve strength, reduce the chances of a recurring injury, and decrease your dependence on pain medications.


This non-pharmaceutical approach is not only good for pain management, but its therapeutic effects produce positive results throughout the body, resulting in better overall health and strength. By increasing blood flow to the site of injury within the body, physical therapy can produce results faster than if treated without physical therapy. This approach to pain management addresses the source of the pain, the underlying reasons for it, and can ultimately address pain at a level that opioids do not.


Physical therapy provides solutions to repair the muscles and injuries from the source of the pain and treats that pain by treating the injury as well. If you want to stop taking medication, consider physical therapy in Miami at Physical Therapy Now today.


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If you need Miami physical therapy support to stop taking meds for pain, reach out to us today.  With your Physical Therapy Now team by your side as you as you embark on your road to recovery, you will heal to your maximum potential, likely much faster, and receive guidance on how to get off pain meds than if you choose NOT to do physical therapy in Miami.


We operate under the belief that your rehabilitation is a team effort, and helping you heal is our priority.  For support in how to get off pain meds, call us today to get started at (800) 481-4582.  Let our team of physical therapists support you in stop taking medications and getting off your pain medication today!


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