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It’s that time, and you can’t put it off any longer.  You NEED to do physical therapy in Miami, but you need to find the perfect location with a stellar reputation.  Plus, you’re not sure about physical therapy, so you’re putting off making (and possibly also keeping) that initial appointment.

Good news!  You don’t have to wait any longer, because we’re answering that common question, “What does physical therapy involve?”

The First Step

Whether your doctor recommends physical therapy in Miami or if you are making the decision to go independently, you’re off to a great start.  In the state of Florida, you don’t need a prescription for your doctor for physical therapy and you can call Physical Therapy Now immediately to get started.  You will be greeted with someone from our friendly and professional staff, and you will briefly tell them about your injury or ailment.

Were you injured in a car accident and are experiencing neck pain?  Did you trip or slip and fall and now you have back pain that won’t heal?  Perhaps you were hurt performing an everyday task and need to get better so you can get back to normal or maybe you had surgery and need to rehabilitate that area and regain strength.

You’ll also share any necessary insurance information and we’ll being the communications with your insurance company you so have a full understanding of any financial obligations you’ll have.  If you have Medicare or Medicaid, you will share that information as well.  If you don’t have insurance, no worries.  Here at Physical Therapy Now, your physical well-being is our priority, so we’ll work with you to find the most affordable way to get you the physical therapy in Miami you need.

The Appointments

Because we have so many Physical Therapy Now locations in Miami-Dade, you are guaranteed to find a location convenient to you. We hire the best physical therapist in Miami for each of our sites, so no matter which Physical Therapy Now location you choose for your physical therapy in Miami, you’ll get excellent care from a well-trained physical therapy team who has specialized training for your injury or ailment.

When you arrive at your first appointment, you will sign off on some paperwork, and your first physical therapy session will get underway.  You’ll chat briefly with a member from your physical therapy team, and you will also discuss the specifics of the pain you are experiencing.

Some people expect that physical therapy will involve a fitness work-out, but physical therapy isn’t a sweat session. It focuses directly on the injury/ailment and any other areas surrounding the pain source that could be contributing to the pain you are experiencing.

The targeted strategic exercises and movements will allow you to increase strength and mobility while your progress is monitored and documented by your physical therapy team.

Our goal is to get your physical therapy in Miami completed as soon as possible.  We’ll communicate with you about how many suggestions we recommend for you each week and the duration of each one of those sessions.  Some people need just a few weeks for physical therapy, others need a few months.  As we observe your progress, we’ll adjust any goals and expected timelines for the completion of your physical therapy.

Miami Physical Therapy

Here at Physical Therapy Now, our goal is to partner with you to help you regain strength, increase mobility, and get you back to living life pain-free, so you can get back to your day to day activities and enjoying life the way you should.  Call us today to get started at (800) 481-4582 or visit our website to learn more about the services we offer to our patients.

In addition to the physical therapy you will receive in a traditional setting, we also offer innovative physical therapy options, including aquatic therapy, cyber therapy, laser therapy and much more.  Call us today to get started, so we help you drastically improve your quality of life today!


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