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Physical Therapist In Miami

Welcome to Physical Therapy in Miami!  Since opening our first location in 2003, we have proudly helped thousands of people in and around Miami on their journey through rehabilitation.  Our goal is to give you, our patient, a Class A experience with each session.  Making sure each patient is treated individually by their physical therapist in Miami is how we achieve optimum results.

We make sure regaining control of the human body is also a top priority because leading that full life of enjoying those activities that were in place before needing physical therapy treatment is what most patients desire.

The Staff

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we hire only the best of the best.  Upon entering the doors of one of our many Physical Therapy Now locations, you’ll feel the caring and warmth from each staff member – and also from your physical therapist in Miami.  With years of experience in treating physical therapy patients just like you, you will know immediately that your physical therapy team is compassionate, caring, kind and will listen to your feedback to determine what does and does not work best for you and your healing.

We work directly with not only the patient but also those who are also a part of the patient’s support team, which may include, family members, caregivers, doctors, and even human resources departments, for those who need physical therapy because of worker’s comp cases.  Our goal is to treat each patient uniquely, and your physical therapist in Miami will address the root cause of your pain, create a treatment plan specifically for you and will work to relieve you of any stress related to your pain associated with your insurance company, pharmacists, your job or in any other way we can be of assistance.

Our staff is trained in every area associated with your pain, and it is our goal to be your support you not just for physical therapy, but in any other way we can.  Caring for you is our job!

Your Plan

Your physical therapist in Miami makes your sessions all about you, your health and your healing.  Your physical therapist in Miami is a highly qualified expert in the human body and what does and does not make it work to its fullest potential.  However, what works for one patient doesn’t always work for the next, and your physical therapist in Miami will monitor your progression with each physical therapy session and will determine the course of treatment that is most effective for you.

There is another important factor:  YOU!  Your treatment plan is not a one-sided approach.  You have the option of making your sessions a huge success, and your physical therapist in Miami will do everything to help you reach that goal.

Physical Therapist in Miami

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we take a hands-on, active approach to help you heal to your fullest potential and alleviate your pain as much as possible.  Our staff has the clinical know-how to make sure you reach your goals.  Each visit will take approximately 30-60 minutes, and during that time, your progression will be closely monitored.   We will assess each physical therapy session thoroughly to determine if any changes need to made to your current treatment plan, and your physical therapist in Miami will make those necessary adjustments accordingly.

If all goes as planned, you could complete your physical therapy plan in as little as four weeks!  Some patients may need an extended time frame, but our goal is to get you to your fullest healing potential as soon as possible.

Are you ready to get started with your physical therapist in Miami?  Call us today to get started at (800) 481-4582 to make your first appointment!


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