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Cyber Rehab in Miami, Florida

When you suffer an injury of any kind and need physical therapy, getting to the location of the physical therapy office can be difficult.   For example, a more mature adult who no longer drives may have to depend on public transportation or a family member to drive them to their appointments several times a month.  Or for the individual who has undergone surgery on their legs, mobility may present challenges.  The solution:  Cyber Rehab in Miami.

Cyber Rehabilitation checks off all the boxes when it comes to convenient physical therapy in Miami.

What Do I Need for Cyber Rehab in Miami, Florida?

Virtual physical therapy in Miami has never been easier, thanks to the “Total Range Exerciser” machine (T-Rex) at home rehabilitative system.  There are just three things you need to begin your cyber rehab program.

Space for Your Machine – The T-Rex Machine is similar to that of an exercise machine you might see in a gym.  You’ll need enough open space in your home for it to be used effectively.  Think along the lines of a recliner chair and the ability to stretch out your arms and legs while seated; your specific injury will determine the space you require.

Internet Connection – When you sign up for cyber rehab, you’ll never do physical therapy alone.  A camera with internet connectivity will be set up along with your machine, and a trained professional will be there with you virtually at every session throughout the duration of your appointment.  Your communications and feedback at each session will assist in determining the machine’s settings as they relate to your specific injury.  In addition, a doctor will look at your scarring to ensure it is healing properly.  The only difference between this appointment and an appointment at your rehab facility is that you’re doing your physical therapy in the comfort of your own home.

A Commitment – While you are in the comfort of your own home for each physical therapy session, patients still must take their appointments seriously with the same level of commitment that comes along with in-office Miami physical therapy sessions.  Physical therapy is not an overnight fix; it is effective over time only if the patient fully commits to each session.  Cyber Therapy in Miami is no different.

How Does Miami Cyber Rehab Work?

Your physical therapy team will organize the delivery of the several devices and a tablet that you will use for your rehabilitation and it will remain in your home for the duration of your physical therapy.  The devices will be set up in your home along with the camera on the table to be able to schedule your cuber consultation.  You will schedule your appointments per your doctor’s orders, and your sessions can begin immediately.  You will receive the simple, step by step instructions on how to use both the camera and the devices.  Every patient will receive a in home visit initially by the Physical Therapist to perform an evaluation and establish the plan of care.  Then once a week a therapist will visit the home to ensure that the HEP and that the injury is rehabilitating correctly. The cyber therapist will also consult virtually once a week to increase the resistance, modify and improve the home exercise program and to supervise how the injury is progressing.

Does Insurance Cover Cyber Rehab?

Cyber Rehab works the same way on-location physical therapy works. Physical therapists accept most insurances and coverage depends on your insurance plan.  In most cases, you will need to meet your deductible and settle your co-pay (if applicable) and then in most cases, your insurance will pay 100%.

Cyber Rehab in Mi ami, Florida

When you choose a physical therapist in Miami, Florida, you need to select a facility that offers unparalleled expertise and convenience.   At Physical Therapy now, helping you to regain your strength and mobility is our top priority.  Cyber Therapy in Miami is an excellent option and allows you to prioritize your health and healing in the comfort of your own home with the supervision of a licensed professional and medical personnel each step of the way.

For more information on Cyber Therapy in Miami and to determine if it is an option for you, call Physical Therapy Now today at (800) 481-4582.   We are here for you!


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