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The Secret to Franchise Success

How Physical Therapy Now Supports Its Franchisees

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we wholeheartedly believe that we don’t just have a franchise – we have a FRANCHISE FAMILY.  Just like related family members support one another, we do the same.  We do hold our franchisees to high standards, but that high standard is fully supported in many ways.  One of those ways is by making sure our franchisees have every opportunity to further their knowledge and education of any and everything in the physical therapy field.


And so It Begins…

Support for the Physical Therapy Now franchisees begins much earlier than you may imagine.  In fact, it starts during our unique 7-step application process.  We are quite particular about choosing our franchisees, and our vetting process is a way to select only those who we genuinely believe will be an excellent fit for our franchise family.


Once an application is approved, your Physical Therapy Now support team will shift into all-out support mode immediately.  One of the first steps is site selection.  We will provide all the support needed to make sure you find the perfect spot for your franchise, and will also help with your lease, build-out and equipment, signage and much more.



We don’t just hand you the Physical Therapy Now franchise and hope that you will succeed.  It all begins with the training you receive at our corporate offices in sunny Miami, Florida.  The training is completed in three different ways:  There is training in a traditional classroom setting, “on-the-job” training, and online training through our exclusive instructional program.


We choose to educate our franchisees using these three different styles because whether an individual is familiar with owning a business, running a business, or a seasoned investor, there are key details that need to be fully understood during the franchising process. Because we know it is our job to make sure you have every educational opportunity available, we take it upon ourselves to provide the formal and informal education needed to build and maintain a Physical Therapy Now franchise.


Continuing Education

The importance of staying “in-the-know” doesn’t end with training early on in the franchising process.  Because the business world is ever changing and ever evolving, it is crucial to stay on top of the latest studies, technologies, and developments related to the physical therapy industry.  We provide this support by assigning a dedicated corporate liaison to each franchise operation.  With this practice in place, the franchisee has a direct line of communication to its most crucial support system:  the Physical Therapy Now Franchise Corporate Offices.


Best Franchise for 2019

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we know your success begins with how the Physical Therapy Now Corporate Offices support you.  Our franchise model sets you up to win, and we’ll be with you from the beginning when you apply to become a franchisee.  We’ll be there to support you at your grand opening, and each evening when you turn off the lights to your Physical Therapy Now franchise, you’ll know you have a franchise family on your side, supporting your success.  We are here for you, and take to heart the words “franchise family,” because that’s what we are.



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