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The 7-Step Process to Becoming a Physical Therapy NOW Franchisee

Physical Therapy NOW is the Miami region’s premier provider of physical therapy services. Since we first opened our doors, we have experienced a steady increase in demand for our services, so much so that we are constantly looking for new partners and ways of increasing Physical Therapy NOW’s footprint across the country. Are you interested in being part of this exciting business community? Becoming a franchisee with Physical Therapy NOW is an easy, straightforward process with Physical Therapy NOW’s 7-step process to becoming a franchisee.


The Benefits of Becoming a Franchisee at Physical Therapy NOW

There are many benefits to becoming a franchisee at Physical Therapy NOW. As a provider of physical therapy services, you will enhance the quality of life of countless members of your community. This excellent financial opportunity has low up-front costs and an opportunity for large returns. Further, our in-house Franchise Services Department is available to work with you to ensure success. Our staff will provide you with support throughout the franchising process and beyond, in areas ranging from site selection, financial management, staff identification, and so much more.


The 7-Step Process

Becoming a franchisee is easy with Physical Therapy NOW’s 7-Step Process. Consider these steps to be your guide and introduction to how easy it is to become a franchisee at Physical Therapy NOW. These steps will take you from pre-qualification, through the interview, an informational webinar, a financial review, all the way through the award of the franchise and business opening. Opening a successful business franchise you can feel great about is within your reach!


Building Careers and Community

At Physical Therapy NOW we work hard to improve the lives of our clients, and we strive to play a critical role in the communities in which we work. We know our patients depend on us to help them overcome health issues and to maintain physical function. We work with patients at our centers, in their homes, gyms and workplaces to find health solutions that work best for clients. As a franchisee with Physical Therapy NOW, you will become an integral part of the community in which your business resides as you build your business and maximize your earning potential.


Also worth noting is that you don’t have to have a background in the medical field to open a Physical Therapy Now franchise.  Our franchise owners come from all walks of life.  Some are investor groups and focus solely on maximizing their profits.  Some franchise owners are first time businesses owners while others are seasoned entrepreneurs.   Some of our other investors are, in fact, physical therapists.  However, but because we help build your Physical Therapy Now franchise, previous work experience is not a factor with us; all you need is commitment and drive to make your new investment a huge success.


Contact Us Today!

If you are community service oriented and want to own a business that yields a high profit, a Physical Therapy Now franchise may be the best way to check off all the boxes when it comes to your professional life and your finances.  Call us today to find out how to get started.  Now is the best time to get started.  Don’t wait any longer!   Check out our Franchise FAQ or give us a call at (800) 481-4582.  Become a part of our franchise family TODAY!


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