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Franchise Investors:  The Best 2019 Franchise Opportunity

It’s 2019.  The New Year brings about new opportunities.  For many people, personal resolutions are put in place, but for you, it’s all about business.  The FRANCHISING business, to be more exact, and that means your in search of the best franchise 2019 franchise opportunity so you can make this year better than ever.

Single Investors

There are plenty of franchises that work well for the individual investor, and that couldn’t be truer than when it comes to the Physical Therapy Now franchise.  With low start-up costs and franchise fees, this is the best 2019 franchise for a long list of reasons, but most importantly, because of the unparalleled support that you’ll receive from the Physical Therapy Now franchise team.

What sets this franchise apart from most other is that the franchise operation is run by individuals who are not just Physical Therapy Now employees, but franchise owners as well.  This gives the franchise operation a unique opportunity to evolve from the inside out, fine-tuning the franchise’s growth with each opening.  This approach is undoubtedly one of the core reasons behind the company’s rapid growth and massive success thus far.

Investor Group

Investor groups are flocking to the Physical Therapy Now franchise because of the opportunity to purchase multiple franchise businesses at one time.  With a discounted franchise fee that comes along with the purchase of bulk franchises, investor groups pool their resources to increase profit potential.  Because physical therapy is a both needed and desired amongst populations across the world, multiple locations mean a broad reach to customers across several regions.

When customers across several regions are reached, and excellent customers service is provided at each location (this is a core value instilled in Physical Therapy Now franchise owners and employees), a hugely successful franchise is all but inevitable and the investor group reaps the financial benefits, while customers reap the health benefits from the excellent services provided.

Why Invest with Physical Therapy Now

Physical Therapy Now franchise owners provide excellent feedback to potential franchise investors, whether they be individual investors or group investors.  We encourage our investors – potential and otherwise – to speak with current franchise owners to get direct feedback from their personal and professional experiences.  We also communicate with franchise owners directly to ensure all needs and expectations are being met and exceeded.

There is no specified number required to be a franchise group; this number can be 2 or more people.  No matter the number of investors in each franchise, the profit potential in the physical therapy industry is far beyond that of most others, because of the void the company fulfills for its customer base.  Furthermore, because customers want convenient locations, investors will delight in the opportunity to open multiple locations in a single region, not only to increase his or her own franchise’s profits but also to better serve its clients.

Physical Therapy Now Franchise

One of the most attractive selling points of the Physical Therapy Now franchise business is that you don’t need to be involved in the health industry to be a franchise owner.  When you join our franchise family, you join a team that will walk you through each step of the hiring process, playing an active role in assisting you in the choosing the perfect location, purchasing of equipment, and much more.

Are you ready to start exploring this new venture?  The 7-step application can be completed and approved in a matter of days!  Give us a call to get started at (800) 481-4582 or go to the Physical Therapy Now website to start learning more now!






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