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Physical Therapy After Surgery in Miami

When you have just gone through surgery, no matter what part of the body received the operation, you’ll need time to recover.  Part of that recovery will no doubt include doctor’s orders for rest, however, as you recover, you’ll also likely need to do physical therapy after surgery in Miami.

This goal of your physical therapy in Miami is to help restore your body to its peak strength, increase activity, and to also increase your range of motion in that particular area of your body that has just undergone surgery.


When an individual embarks on the road to recovery, the body often goes into “overdrive” to get stronger and heal.  In many cases, this can happen with no effort from the patient; its just how the human body works. However, one of the not-so-desirable side effects of the healing process can be stiff muscles.  Your physical therapist in Miami will most likely add a customized stretching program to your rehab plan that is targeted to your areas of healing.   The stretching is never rigorous or painful; it is meant to help the body, not hurt it!

Increasing Strength

As the body begins to heal itself, it is important that those involuntary efforts be supported by voluntary efforts as well.  Strengthening exercises will be added to the physical therapy regimen as the patient becomes ready to take this ever-important step.

This does not mean you will have a full body workout.  Many people think the idea of building strength means they will sweat and get a heart pumping exercise session.  However, the experience is quite the opposite!  While the physical therapy after surgery in Miami will make the patient stronger, it is targeted to the specific area that needs strengthening, and that typically occurs by using weights that don’t cause stress to the muscles.

What Happens If I Skip Physical Therapy After Surgery?

In most cases, surgery involves scarring, whether it be a lot or just a little.  When an individual avoids physical therapy, scar tissue begins to build up and the other effects soon set in, which include decreased strength and decreased range of motion.  The end result:  healing can stall.

What happens next can be excruciating for the patient:  a physical therapist will have to break up that scar tissue before the actual healing can take place.  But:  all that pain can be completely avoiding by beginning physical therapy after surgery as soon as the doctor gives the green light to begin.

Physical Therapy After Surgery in Miami

If you are in need of physical therapy after surgery in Miami, you’ve found the right place.  With multiple locations in and around Miami, Physical Therapy Now has a team of dedicated specialists who are trained in working with patients just like you!  You’ll find a sense of relief in knowing you put your trust into a physical therapist in Miami that makes your health and healing their top priority.

You deserve VIP treatment, and you’ll get nothing less at Physical Therapy Now.  Call us today to get started on your physical therapy after surgery in Miami at (800) 481-4582.


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