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Physical Therapy Goals

You’re experiencing pain and have been told that you need physical therapy.  What is the exact purpose?  And what should your physical therapy goals be? Read on to find out why you’re embarking on this adventure and how your Miami physical therapy team can help you along the way.

Reduce Pain

What kind of pain are you experiencing?  Is it a nagging pain that causes you to slow down a bit in your day to day activities, yet it is somewhat manageable?  Or is that pain debilitating, and keeps you from doing the things you love (and need) to do? Or does your pain fall somewhere in between?  No matter what the pain is that you are experiencing, physical therapy can help you meet the goal of reducing pain.

Increase Strength

Whether you are recovering from a surgery, an injury or for any other reason, you may need to get stronger so you can return to the activities and day to day experiences you enjoyed previously. Physical therapy can help you get stronger little by little, so you can meet that goal.

Increase Mobility

When your body is healing, the muscles and tendons may become tight over time.  When this happens, it can make moving around very challenging.  For example, reaching for a can or a glass that is on a top shelf can be very difficult, or one may not be able to tie his or her shoes because of limited mobility.  Physical therapy will help increase mobility, which will ultimately increase strength and reduce pain.

Get Off Pain Meds

Many people come to physical therapy with the goal of decreasing the use of pain medication or eliminating it altogether.  Because pain is naturally reduced when one increases mobility and gets stronger via physical therapy pain meds can be reduced as well.  Be sure you speak with your physical therapist about the proper process of reducing pain medication… there are some that involve a strategic “weaning” process, so consulting with a medical expert is advised.

Improve Quality of Life

You won’t have a lot of luck finding a person who doesn’t want to live with less pain, get stronger, move about more freely and reduce their dependency on pain medication. When you meet any of the physical therapy goals above, you inevitably increase your quality of life, because you can get back to doing those things you truly enjoy.

Physical Therapy in Miami

If you live in Miami and are looking for a place to receive physical therapy, you’re in luck.  Physical Therapy Now offers dozens of convenient clinics throughout Miami-Dade.  Each of our locations are staffed and equipped with what you need to meet your physical therapy goals, so call us today to set up your first appointment at (800) 481-4582.  We are here for you!


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