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Physical Therapy in Miami for Walking

Whether you’re recovering from illness or an injury, our physical therapists (PTs) at Physical Therapy Now are here to help you rebuild your strength, coordination, and mobility after sports injuries, injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions, chronic conditions, surgical recovery procedures and more.

About Functional Mobility

Functional mobility is our ability to move in and around our immediate environment.  Getting out of bed, walking, sitting down, and getting up from the kitchen table are all examples of functional mobility.

During certain illnesses and injuries, there can be limitations in a person’s ability to move in the usual way.  Muscle strength can weaken from lack of use, and this can impair balance and coordination, resulting in decreased speed and accuracy of movement.  Pain or muscle spasms can also limit a person’s ability to move in a typical way.

In recovering from illness or injury, you may need assistance from another person to get in and out of bed or a chair, or to walk.  An assistive device, such as a cane or a walker, can help a person maintain balance in support of the ability to walk.  How much assistance is needed depends on the severity of the illness or injury.

Physical Therapy to the Rescue!

Goals of physical therapy include rebuilding strength and coordination, reducing pain, and improving quality of life.

Hospital-based physical therapists assess the patient’s level of functional mobility each day. These daily assessments by the PT help to determine a patient’s readiness to return home.

Physical therapists also help by assessing a patient in office settings, as well as the patient’s functional mobility at home.  The PT often performs a gait evaluation in analyzing how the person walks and provides ideas and suggestions on how to create a safe home environment for mobility.  Strategies are also shared to improve walking ability.

Levels of Assistance During Physical Therapy for Walking

The severity of your illness or injury will guide your physical therapist in how much assistance to provide during your recovery.  The levels of assistance are:






More Ways to Improve Your Mobility

If you are currently experiencing limited functional mobility, your physical therapist is educated and trained to help you improve your mobility.  Keep in mind that the repetition of practice gradually helps to build strength and coordination toward increasingly greater motor control over time.

Our PTs provide therapies that are designed with each patient’s specific needs in mind, including:

Physical Therapy for Walking in Miami

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