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Aquatic Therapy for Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries come in all shapes and sizes, right?  In other words, not only can they happen in different ways, but no two car accident injuries are exactly alike. And that’s precisely why no two individuals should have the same physical therapy plan when it comes to car accident rehabilitation.  There is, however, something that most people should consider – and that one thing is aquatic therapy.

Common Car Accident Injuries

The list of car accident injuries is too long to list here, but some of the most common include:

An injury – like a broken bone – is immediately obvious, but there are many cases when other injuries could present symptoms a few days – or even a full week later.  The pain from whiplash can begin later, and concussion symptoms may not present immediately. The same goes for back injury symptoms:  sometimes the injured may not feel pain until they try to get out of bed the day following an injury.

Whether your pain sets in immediately or days later, you must seek medical treatment immediately not only for your health and well-being but also for insurance purposes, as most insurance companies have a time frame in place for seeking coverage for treatment associated with car accidents.

Treatment for Car Accident Injuries

There are many forms of treatment for car accident injuries.  Some people may opt for electrotherapy while others go the more traditional route.  But don’t forget an often-overlooked form of physical therapy that gives the patient support and comfort like no other form of physical therapy can: aquatic therapy.

5 Key Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we know the pain that can be associated with car accident injuries, because the crash itself can be hard on the human body in so many ways.  Aquatic therapy is such a great option, because:

Aquatic Therapy in Miami

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, consider aquatic therapy at Physical Therapy Now.  Our state-of-the-art pool and equipment will give you exactly what you need as you embark on the road to recovery, and you will appreciate the professional and knowledgeable physical therapy team that assists you at each aquatic therapy appointment.

Are you interested in aquatic therapy for your car accident injuries?  Or would you prefer going to a more traditional Miami car accident clinic for rehab? If you have any questions or make your first appointment at (800) 481-4582.  We’re here to help!


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