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Minor Car Accident Injuries Can Worsen Quickly


How Physical Therapy in Miami Can Help Manage Worsening Symptoms

Getting into a car accident – whether it’s your fault or someone else’s – can be a stressful experience.  Not only do you have to deal with property damage to your vehicle (and perhaps also someone else’s vehicle as well), but then you also have to manage those calls from the insurance company.


Things can get even more tricky if there are injuries involved in your car accident, especially if those injuries aren’t addressed immediately at the scene of the accident.  This, because NOT getting medical attention, in some cases, can be a health risk. It’s important to know what injuries to pay close attention to, because they could be much worse than initially thought.


These three symptoms can evolve into more serious health problems:  a stiff neck, a bump on the head, and back pain.


Can a Stiff Neck Be Whiplash?

The primary cause of whiplash is rear-end collisions.  With whiplash, an injury occurs by a sudden and rapid back-and-forth motion of the head and neck, like the cracking of a whip.  The force of this rapid motion can injure the bones of the spine (the vertebrae) as well as the cervical spine (the bones in the back of the neck).


Signs and symptoms of whiplash usually develop in the first 24 hours of the injury but can develop and worsen in the days following a car accident.  The most common whiplash symptoms include:



Less commonly, some people also experience:



A Bump to the Head Can Result in a Concussion

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision is a risk factor for concussion, which is a traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head (or body) that affects brain function.  While the effects of a concussion are usually temporary, signs and symptoms of a concussion may be subtle, and may not show up right immediately. Headache, forgetfulness (amnesia), and confusion are common concussion symptoms, as well as difficulties with balance and coordination.  Symptoms can last for days, weeks, or longer.

Other signs and symptoms of concussion may include a feeling of pressure around the head, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, slurred speech, fatigue, and ringing in the ears.

Some symptoms of concussion show up immediately, while others may be delayed for hours or days following the injury.  Some of those symptoms include difficulty concentrating, irritability, sensitivity to noise and light, disorders of taste and smell, depression, and sleep disturbances.

A Sore Back Can Be a Slipped Disc

Discs are rubbery cushions between each vertebra that make up the spinal column (spine).  These discs receive the normal daily shock of standing, walking, running, and other movements.

Discs can be injured in a motor vehicle accident, along with the ligaments and muscles that support the spine, and the nerves in the spine are also vulnerable to injury.


A slipped disc is also commonly referred to as a herniated disc.  This type of injury forces the nuclear tissue from the center of the disc, putting pressure against one or more of the spinal nerves.  When a disc ruptures or herniates, pressure against one or more of the spinal nerves can cause pain, numbness, or weakness in the area that is served by those nerves.


Physical Therapy in Miami for Car Accident Injuries

If you have a been injured in a car accident, don’t delay in seeking medical treatment for your injuries. You could be making a life or death decision, so make your safety and well-being a priority and get to a hospital or urgent care facility as soon as possible.  More specifically, if you have a sore back, if you bump your head or if you neck is stiff, get checked by a qualified medical professional.


In many cases, these injuries require a few weeks or months of physical therapy in Miami, so choose a physical therapy clinic that is convenient for you.  Here at Physical Therapy Now, we know how important rehab is to you.  That’s why we have multiple clinic locations throughout the Miami Dade area to suit your needs.  Call us today to get started on your physical therapy in Miami at (800) 481-4582.


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