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Whiplash Physical Therapy in Miami

Whiplash can be painful and debilitating, but physical therapy is a key factor in the quality and efficiency of your recovery. If you require whiplash physical therapy in Miami or general physical therapy for a car accident in Miami, all the services you require are provided at Physical Therapy Now. Our team will conduct a full evaluation of your health status and consult with your medical personnel to provide you with the most effective treatment available.


Causes of Whiplash: Sports Injuries, Car Accidents and More

The most common cause of whiplash is a car accident, although any physical injury can result in whiplash. Whiplash is an injury to the soft tissues of the neck and can be accompanied by high levels of physical discomfort. Patients suffering from whiplash can find even the smallest movements can be accompanied by great pain, resulting in limited mobility and functionality.


What Is Whiplash Physical Therapy?

Whiplash Physical Therapy in Miami will work with your medical team to build a treatment plan based on your specific health concerns. Treatment for whiplash physical therapy in Miami is often used in conjunction with braces and medications to promote a speedy recovery. The physical therapy for a car accident involves deep tissue massage and hot and cold therapies. By working on the affected muscles, therapists can help patients recover strength and functionality and improve the strength of the spine. The overall goal of Miami physical therapy is to promote health and well-being through reducing inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain.


Am I a Candidate for Whiplash Physical Therapy in Miami?

Whiplash physical therapy in Miami has produced positive results for patients of all ages, and it can provide positive therapeutic results as well. You don’t have to live with pain, the physical therapy for a car accident we provide can provide you with a plan to guide you towards relief. If you have an injury to the soft tissue around your neck and spine, the therapists at Physical Therapy Now can provide you with Miami physical therapy.


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Are you suffering from pain related to whiplash? Do you require physical therapy for a car accident? We can help because relief is just a phone call away! If you are in need of Miami physical therapy, call 800.481.4582 to speak with one of our trained and certified therapists.  After you make your appointment, we invite you to circle back to our website to learn more about our services and treatment options.


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