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How Our Physical Therapy Clinics in Miami Can Help You Heal

Healing after an injury or an ailment can be very difficult, not just physically, but mentally as well.  Because that sometimes long journey to getting stronger and living pain-free life can take a toll on an individual, make sure you find the best physical therapy clinics in Miami to suit your needs.

A Location Near You

Not only do we provide a stellar physical therapy experience, but Physical Therapy Now also provides something else that has a big impact on your rehab:  convenience!

When you do that common search for physical therapy clinics in Miami, you’ll be surprised to see that a Physical Therapy Now location is in place every five miles throughout Miami-Dade.  Broward County locations are growing as well and soon, and we’ll have Physical Therapy Now locations in every region of the state of Florida.

It should be easy to get to your PT location, especially when you have challenges with mobility from a accident such as a car crash or from a surgery.   We’re proud to offer you this much-needed perk when you choose Physical Therapy Now.

In-Depth Knowledge

Your physical therapy team is highly educated on a variety of injuries.  Not only will your team have the proper certifications and credentials to provide excellent services, but we also study all the latest technologies in physical therapy so that we can help you as much as possible.  Those tried and true traditional methods of physical therapy have been mastered by our team, so you will always have plenty of options when it comes to your physical therapy care.

A Variety of Treatment Options

Many patients don’t love the traditional physical therapy setting, and although we perform top-notch services at each of our locations, there are other options available to suit your needs. We offer in-home physical therapy, cyber therapy, aqua therapy, and many other options.

Amazing Customer Service

From the moment you pick up your phone and call Physical Therapy Now, you’ll notice the excellent customer service we provide.  You should feel good about each experience you have at any of our Physical Therapy Now locations, and it starts from the initial call.  From there, your communications with your physical therapy team will be excellent, because we know our job is to help you feel better – and not just physically.  We want you to feel great about the total physical therapy experience.

Physical Therapy Clinics in Miami

As you continue searching for physical therapy clinics in Miami, consider coming to Physical Therapy Now for your rehabilitation.  Our passion is helping people just like you recover, whether it be from an injury, and ailment or surgery.  Call us today at (800) 481-4582 to schedule your first appointment, and we’ll find a day and time that is convenient for you.  We are Physical Therapy Now, and your health and well-being is our priority.


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