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Exercise Therapy in Miami

The road to recovery from chronic and neurological conditions can be long and difficult. Exercise therapy can provide a route to recovery for patients in need. If you are suffering from chronic diseases, neurological conditions, or any condition which affects normal musculoskeletal function, you should consider Exercise Therapy in Miami at Physical Therapy Now.


What is Exercise Therapy?

Exercise Therapy is known by many different names, including Activity-Based Therapy, Activity Based Recovery Therapy, Neuro-based Therapy, and Restorative Therapy. The professionals at Physical Therapy in Miami who provide this type of therapy have educational backgrounds in exercise physiology, exercise science, sports medicine, or another related area.


When applied to individuals with neurological impairment, exercise therapy will focus on the areas surrounding the impairment to provide targeted therapy. Exercise Therapy is a regime of physical activity tailored to the health needs of the patient undergoing the therapy and designed for specific therapeutic goals. The overall goal of exercise therapy is to reduce pain by restoring musculoskeletal function through the implementation of repetitive physical activity.


Should I do Exercise Therapy in Miami?

Are you wondering if you are a candidate for Exercise Therapy? Exercise Therapy has been proven to promote health and wellbeing in healthy injured individuals. Whether you are suffering from a sprained ankle or trying to recover from a more debilitating injury, Exercise Therapy can help. Additionally, Exercise Therapy has proven effective in minimizing both the extent of and recovery time for future injuries. Whether you are trying to recover from injuries or diseases, or simply promote your healthy lifestyle, Exercise Therapy in Miami can put you on the road to recovery.


How long does it take to see results from Exercise Therapy?

Therapists providing Exercise Therapy in Miami will develop a tailored plan for each individual client. These plans will vary based on the needs and/or extent of the injuries of patients. Clients who participate in this program can benefit from an improved motor or sensory function, greater independence, less dependence on medication, fewer hospital visits, and better overall health.


Clients in need of Exercise Therapy in Miami will build strength over the course of the individual therapy program developed by the staff providing Exercise Therapy in Miami at Physical Therapy Now.


Exercise Therapy in Miami

Exercise Therapy in Miami provided by Physical Therapy Now will help you recover from your physical injuries and chronic pain while promoting your overall strength, health and wellbeing. Contact us at (800) 481-4582 to take the first step in your recovery!


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