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Wound Care in Miami

Are you or a loved one suffering from an injury that has included a challenging recovery? Do you have a wound that isn’t healing properly or causing you a lot of pain? If this is the case, it is important for you to know that as a regular part of their treatment plans, physical therapists work on wound maintenance and treatment to promote a faster recovery without the onset of infections and reinjury. Physical Therapy Now, providing physical therapy and wound care in Miami, can work with you to make sure you have all the resources available to promote a speedy and full recovery!


Wound Care and Physical Therapy in Miami – How Does it Work?

Physical Therapy is typically associated with the strengthening of the muscles and bones, but it can also help with the treatment of wound care in Miami. A stubborn wound that won’t heal causes not only pain for the patient but also causes future medical problems and a lower overall quality of life. We apply a comprehensive approach to wound care in Miami, considering various factors such as circulation, nutrition, and pressure relief.  The physical therapy in Miami services we provide will assess your health status and build a therapy plan which includes the care and management of your wound.


Promoting Healing Through Physical Therapy

Are your wounds stubborn and not healing? By improving circulation and blood flow at the site of the wound, physical therapy in Miami can promote your healing experience! Our team will build a treatment plan that can treat whatever type of wound you might have, including chronic wounds, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, pressure ulcers, venous wounds, and more! Physical therapy has a proven track record of success in the treatment of wounds and other injuries and includes exercise therapy, laser therapy, electric stimulation, and even home-based cybertherapy.


Treatment Options

Common treatment options for wounds include the measurement and documentation of the wound, cleaning and dressing the wound, and application of compression. The time of treatment of wounds vary based on the individual case and typically can last several months.


Your physical therapist in Miami will communicate with your thoroughly to determine if you are experiencing pain at the wound side during your physical therapy in Miami or anytime in between your sessions.  Wound care is even possible during cyber therapy appointments!  The cameras used in cyber therapy are also used to observe wounds and any questionable healing.


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If you are in need physical therapy in Miami, you’re in the right place.  We are here to provide you with quality, effective, and reliable services. Our services have been proven to reduce the effects of injuries, enhance recovery, and improve the strength of our clients. Our professionals will evaluate your health status and work with physicians to develop a thorough treatment plan that matches the exact needs of the client.


We are dedicated to working with each client to deliver tailored therapy services to address your specific needs. Call us today at (800) 481-4582 to get started today!


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