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Should I Do Physical Therapy?

You have been dealing with your pain for quite a while.  It could be in an obvious place that many people experience, such as in the back or knee area.  Alternatively, it could be in a more inconspicuous area, such as in the abdominals, on an ankle or perhaps on the wrist.  No matter where your pain is, there could be a simple answer to your problems:  physical therapy in Miami at Physical Therapy Now.

How Does Physical Therapy in Miami Help?

Your physical therapist in Miami at Physical Therapy Now has extensive experience working with patients with a variety of ailments.  It may be recovery from an injury, from surgery or a dull pain you are experiencing.  No matter what the circumstances, you can take pride in knowing that your treatment plan will be customized specifically to your pain.  Your physical therapist has the expertise to pinpoint the precise source of your pain and implement a program that focuses on the subsequent therapies and exercises that are needed to reduce and ultimately eliminate that nagging, day-to-day pain.

Does Physical Therapy Hurt?

There are many misconceptions about physical therapy.  Many people believe their sessions will be similar to a workout or fitness regime.  However, physical therapy is not meant to be extremely strenuous.

When someone needs physical therapy in Miami, he or she has a specific area that needs to get stronger.  That certainly doesn’t happen in an all-out sweat session – you can save that for the gym!  At your physical therapy appointments, we will zone into your specific weakness.  For example, if you have a wrist injury, we won’t hand you a barbell for rehabilitation.  Instead, we will use a variety of strength building and pain reducing techniques that will make that wrist stronger little by little over a pre-determined time frame.  Your physical therapy sessions are not meant to increase your pain – they’re intended to reduce it!

How Long Does Physical Therapy Last?

There is no standard length of time for physical therapy in Miami.  Because your physical therapy sessions are 100% customized to your ailment or injury, expected recovery time will be too.  For example, the individual who comes to Physical Therapy Now post-surgery from a broken femur might have a more extensive physical therapy plan that the person who has some minor back pain.

No matter what the reason for physical therapy in Miami, your team at Physical Therapy Now will prioritize your wellness and get you to your fullest recovery potential as soon as possible.  The experts at Physical Therapy Now will give you an expected time frame for your physical therapy sessions, however, that estimate can change as your healing progresses and could be slightly longer or shorter than the original plan.

Physical Therapy in Miami

Do you or a loved one need physical therapy in Miami?  Reach out to the best physical therapy team in Miami at Physical Therapy Now to make your first appointment.  You see as soon as you arrive that you chose the right place because our staff is a happy crew with the #1 priority of giving you the time and attention you rightfully deserve.  Call us today at (800) 481-4582 because yes, you should do physical therapy… you’ll be glad you did!


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