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Physical Therapy in Miami: The Answer to Getting Rid of Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, no matter where that specific back pain may be, you may be trying to determine how to manage your pain.  There is a lot to consider:  over the counter medicines may “take the edge off,” but they may not help enough.  Something more powerful, like a prescription drug may help, but you may not want to take that super strong medicine too often.   You’re not alone in your internal debates, but there is a solution that can help you alleviate all medications from your pain management plan and ultimately get rid of your back pain altogether:  physical therapy in Miami for back pain.

How Physical Therapy Helps

How to get rid of back pain?  That’s a common question from people like you because whether the back pain is debilitating or just a bit of a nuisance, you could definitely do without it, right?  When you choose physical therapy in Miami for your back pain, you also want to live a life that is pain-free.  Your back is your center, and when it hurts, you feel it in some cases with every breath, with every step, and with every little movement throughout your day.

There is a combination of therapies that could work for your back pain, and they typically fall under the two categories:

Passive Physical Therapy:  During this kind of therapy, the patient is not moving, but rather, receiving the treatment.  This may include heat therapy, cold therapy, laser therapy, ultrasound and many other techniques exclusive to Physical Therapy Now.  Some patients respond best to one or a combination of passive therapies.  Your physical therapist in Miami will customize a treatment plan for your back pain and will adjust accordingly as your healing process gets underway and develops.

Active Physical Therapy:  During active physical therapy, the movement will begin.  Depending on how intense your back pain is, it may not seem reasonable to undergo activity and movement that specifically targets your back.  However, it is essential to understand that your pain will be managed carefully by your physical therapist in Miami.  The exercises performed will not be strenuous or create discomfort.  Instead, they will help you feel more relaxed and will create a sense of security.  In many cases, patients notice a difference in their ability to move more freely and more comfortably after just one session!

Should I Get Surgery for Back Pain?

Many patients think surgery is the easy answer to eliminating back pain for good.  Surgery may or may not help you to get rid of your back pain, plus, the healing time can be several weeks or even months depending on your condition before surgery.

Most medical professionals recommend all patients take part physical therapy in Miami before choosing to move forward with surgery.  One or two physical therapy sessions isn’t enough to make a difference long term.  Your physical therapist in Miami will give you a timeline that is unique to your specific circumstances, and once you complete the program, you will likely see a massive difference in how you feel!   However, it does take a commitment on your part to make sure your physical therapy in Miami is a huge success, and your physical therapy team does its part 100% to make that happen.

So, before you consider surgery, move first to physical therapy.  This shift in thought could have you avoiding surgery altogether!

Miami Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Did you know that you can skip the trip to your doctor and come directly to Physical Therapy Now to start treatment for your back pain?  You don’t need pre-approval from your insurance company either; just give us a call, and we’ll get started today.  We believe in complete transparency when it comes to your finances, so you will know up front (and before your sessions begin) if you will have any out of pocket expenses and how much those expenses will be.

Call Physical Therapy Now in Miami today so we can help you get rid of your back pain at (800) 481-4582.  Let’s do this together!


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