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We’re Officially a ‘Hot’ Franchise

The Physical Therapy Now Team

We’ve known it all along, but now it’s being shared on a national level!  Physical Therapy Now has been officially named in the “Hottest Franchise Categories of 2020” by Entrepreneur.  Growing at a fast, but manageable pace has – without a doubt – contributed to the ongoing success of the company’s franchise operation.

Getting Started

Physical Therapy Now CEO Andy Zapata is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur.  When you combine that with his passion for helping people, the concept of opening a physical therapy franchise seems almost inevitable.  This line of thinking allowed Zapata to tap into his love of building businesses from scratch, help people improve their lives by helping them heal, and also helping other people achieve their own dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Physical Therapy Now, in a sense, ‘checks all the boxes,’ which is why being recognized by reputable companies like Entrepreneur is nothing short of an honor.

How does he get it done?  Zapata details his love of the businesses he has built from the ground up on Business Innovators Network.  Anyone who knows him will tell you – it’s a combination of business sense, drive, discipline, and the true commitment to helping people all over the country.

A Growing Footprint

Entrepreneur chose just under 350 franchise operations to be featured in their 2020 Hottest Franchises research, and the team organized each business into one of ten categories.  As you might expect, Physical Therapy Now is placed into the “health” category with this explanation preceding a list of chosen businesses:

“Franchises offering health products and services have always formed a fairly small but growing corner of the franchise world. In recent years, though, the face of this category has changed from largely traditional health services to more alternative offerings, such as acupuncture, cryotherapy, IV therapy, and cannabis.”

What makes us so special?  Topping the list is the fact that we truly change people’s lives by playing a key role in improving their overall quality of life. Zapata’s forward thinking was to do this beyond the borders of Miami and past the state of Florida.  While the majority of the franchise operations are, in fact, in the Sunshine State, Zapata’s outreach to other states a continued priority.

He is also quite particular about who is awarded franchisee status (learn more about the company’s application process here), and the corporate franchise team helps with each step of the franchising process, from financing to location, and from equipment to hiring staff and everything in between.

Physical Therapy Now Franchise

Are you interested in learning more about the franchise side of Physical Therapy Now?  Head to our website or give us a call at (800) 481-4582.  And… a big thank you to Entrepreneur from the team at PT Now.  We’re honored to have been named in your “Hottest Franchise Categories of 2020!”


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