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Setting the Physical Therapy Franchise Bar at PT NOW

As a prospective franchisee, you already possess business skills and knowledge. You know what makes a company successful, and you probably have a solid plan in place on how to run a profitable business. But do you know what sets Physical Therapy NOW apart from the rest of the pack? Do you know why our business model is so successful? Or how we set the bar so high for every other physical therapy business?

Convenience Is Key

First, let’s start with our locations. If you live in southern Florida, it’s pretty easy to find a Physical Therapy NOW location within just a few minute’s drive. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area alone has 22 locations nearby. We also have franchises located farther north, more near Tampa and Orlando, and one in Tallahassee. Not to mention the Dallas-Forth Worth Texas area conveniently located in Irving. The bottom line is, the more locations we have, the more convenient it is for patients to access everything we have to offer.

The Little Things Matter

Of course, convenience isn’t worth a thing if it’s not followed by the highest quality of care, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and exceptional customer service. Physical Therapy NOW offers all of that…and more.

Sometimes it’s the little things that people notice, such as:

These types of conveniences and services may not grab headlines, but they make a difference. And it’s these types of things that our most franchisees are happy to offer to keep raising that bar.

Marketing Matters

In addition to all of the above, Physical Therapy NOW franchisees also have full access to a digital marketing team that focuses heavily on SEO (search engine optimization) so each location can compete with other physical therapists in their areas. This is critical because if you search for physical therapy on Google and can’t find Physical Therapy NOW, you won’t have a franchise. Period.

Marketing is such an important aspect when it comes to running a successful business. What good are all of the incredible services you offer if no one knows about them? With the help of our digital marketing team, franchisees can get the Physical Therapy NOW name out there and attract clients to our services and care.

The Physical Therapy Franchise For You

If you agree with everything you just read and you think you can continue setting that PT franchise bar higher and higher, Physical Therapy NOW might be the right franchise for you. Check out our franchise page if you’re interested and fill out our pre-qualification questionnaire. If we think you’ve got what it takes to be a Physical Therapy NOW franchisee, we’ll be in touch! Or call us today at (800) 481-4582 for more information.


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