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At Physical Therapy Now, we believe in doing more than treating your injuries or conditions and sending you on your way after each appointment. We believe in focusing on the whole person and not just the presenting problem.

It is our staff’s goal to move you toward a better overall quality of life. We not only value pain management and improved mobility through physical therapy services, but we also offer occupational therapy treatments to improve your day to day functioning and safety.

The skilled and experienced occupational therapists at Physical Therapy Now will work with you to help you and your caregivers identify areas for improvement and move you towards a more independent lifestyle.


What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a treatment for people who struggle to perform average daily tasks. Occupational therapists can work alongside physical therapists to build on their progress. Situations that might require occupational therapy include:



An occupational therapist will work with you to optimize your home and create strategies for you to perform daily tasks such as cleaning, hygiene, caring for pets, making phone calls, getting dressed, and cooking.


Occupational Therapy vs. Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is meant to focus on a physical issue. Your physical therapist will work with you toward improving your physical health and helping your body heal. Occupational therapy focuses on the things you need to do with the mobility and strength you obtain through physical therapy.


These two therapies can work independently or together to improve your life. If you are recovering from an injury or suffer from a condition that prevents you from performing average daily tasks, you might want to consider occupational therapy.


Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Many patients and their caregivers choose occupational therapy for its numerous positive benefits, including:

Your occupational therapist will assess your needs and adjust your customized treatment plan accordingly. They will tailor your treatment to fit you and your environment to have the best chances for improvement and success.

Occupational Therapists in Homestead

If you struggle with daily functioning due to an injury or chronic condition, contact our Physical Therapy Now office at 800-481-4582 to schedule your first appointment with an occupational therapist.

We are available to answer any questions you may have and even offer teletherapy for those with transportation issues or concerns about safety during Covid-19.


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