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The Medical Diagnosis Difference: The Doctor vs. The Physical Therapist

There are so many decisions to make when considering your options for medical care, treatment and medical diagnosis. Choosing the best medical care team is the most important decision you will make, but making that decision can be daunting. At Physical Therapy NOW, we believe it is critically important to choose a physical therapist that works in tandem with your medical doctor.


These communications are crucial to the successful treatment of the condition, and without this relationship fully intact, the patient could suffer gravely.  At Physical Therapy Now, we make it a priority to make sure your medical staff is up to date on not just our diagnosis, but the treatments you are undergoing as well and how you are progressing with each PT session.  If you are considering physical therapy in Miami, consider our physical therapy treatments at Physical Therapy NOW. You will be glad you did.


Working Together For a Better Outcome at Miami Physical Therapy

Physical therapists and medical doctors address medical problems in similar yet different ways. The diagnosis performed by a medical doctor will focus on the recognition of the disease and possible ways to treat it. Alternatively, the diagnosis conducted by a physical therapist involves an assessment of the neuromuscular and muscular systems to identify and ultimately correct dysfunction related to movement. When working together, these two approaches to the identification and medical diagnoses of conditions can provide a safe, robust and efficient response to a wide range of health conditions with physical therapy treatments.


Communicating with Your Care Providers

At Physical Therapy NOW, we work hard to make sure we provide you with the best possible solution which incorporates all services of your medical care providers into one strong treatment plan. Physical therapy has been proven to support healing from surgery, shorten recovery time, and build core strength, all of which are critical components to any healing process. In addition to working with your medical team on your recovery, we also work with you on managing your referrals and communicating with your health insurance company. Don’t have a referral or prescription yet? It’s OK, call us today to get started, our team will work with you on these issues and any others that may pop up over the course of treatment. If you are in need of Physical Therapy in Miami, we are here to support you!


Miami Physical Therapy – Physical Therapy Treatment

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we take a hands-on, active approach to help you heal to your fullest potential and alleviate your pain as much as possible.  Our staff providing physical therapy in Miami has the clinical know-how to make sure you reach your goals.  Each visit will take approximately 30-60 minutes, and during that time, your progression will be closely monitored.


We will assess each physical therapy session thoroughly to determine if any changes need to made to your current treatment plan, and your physical therapist in Miami will make those necessary adjustments accordingly. If all goes as planned, you could complete your physical therapy plan in as little as four weeks!  Some patients may need an extended time frame, but our goal is to get you to your fullest healing potential as soon as possible.


Are you ready to get started with Miami physical therapy?  Call us today to get started at (800) 481-4582 to make your first appointment!


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