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You work hard; you get paid.  You work smart and hard, and you get paid, AND you’re able to get more done.  You work hard, work smart and get paid MORE!  Now you’re on to something that can set you up for life.  You’ve cracked the code!  However, you know what’s even better than that?  Making all the above happen AND be your own boss.  Add in one of those hard to come by businesses that helps people and you, my friend, may have just hit a goldmine.

Enter:  The Physical Therapy Now Franchise.

For the Owner: Why Physical Therapy Now Feels So Good

Why do you hold open the door for someone?  Because it’s nice.  Why do you pick up something that someone dropped and hand it to them?  Because it’s nice. Why do you let a pedestrian cross the street even when you have the right of way?  You guess it:  Because it’s nice.

So why then, would you consider investing in a Physical Therapy Now franchise?  Same answer… because it’s nice.  However, let’s delve a little deeper because after all, helping someone change their life by improving their physical well-being is quite impactful.

Think of physical therapy as the business that gives right back.  Your company has one goal, which is to help people feel better.  When someone comes through your doors that can barely walk, it’s pretty magnificent to see them trotting on a treadmill during their last session.  It just feels good to help other people, so (pardon the frankness here), why not make a business out of it and turn a profit in the process?

The fact is, physical therapy is one of the fastest growing industries in the country.  Budding entrepreneurs like you now have an opportunity to get into a business that is not only growing at a record pace and is extremely profitable but also genuinely helps other people.

Now… that’s nice!

For the Customer-Base:  How Physical Therapy Now Makes THEM Feel Good

When someone is injured in an accident or is reeling in pain because of an ailment that medicine can’t help, it can be heartbreaking.  On the extreme opposite end, most patients can take their health and wellbeing into their own hands and choose to give physical therapy a try.

Many individuals are flabbergasted and how positively physical therapy impacts their life.  They have no idea that in just a few weeks or months, their pain can be eliminated entirely, thus, improving the overall quality of their life.   Once a patient experiences being pain-free as a direct result of physical therapy, they can go back to living the full, productive life they’ve been dreaming about for so long.

How to Get in on the Feel-Good Franchise Opportunity

If you are community service oriented and want to own a business that yields a high profit, a Physical Therapy Now franchise may be the best way to check off all the boxes when it comes to your professional life and your finances.  Call us today to find out how to get started.  Now is the best time to get started.  Don’t wait any longer!   Check out our Franchise FAQ or give us a call at (800) 481-4582.  Become a part of our franchise family TODAY!


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