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Stiff Neck Physical Therapy

How Physical Therapy in Miami and Heal Your Stiff Neck

You can’t turn your head like you once used to, and perhaps your sleep is now being affected because of your stiff neck.  Do you recall how it occurred?  This is essential information to share during your physical therapy in Miami.  Sometimes a stiff neck “just happens,” and the person in pain has no idea what, exactly, caused the pain.  Other times, there is a specific incident that leads to a stiff neck, like a sports injury or a car accident.

In the latter, too many people will dismiss this pain, because even slow speed car accidents can cause whiplash or concussions, and a stiff neck is a common symptom of many car accident injuries.  You should never dismiss stiff neck or pain associated with a stiff neck because it could be a sign of a more serious underlying problem. You could also be missing out on your physical therapy in Miami being fully covered by the auto insurance of the at-fault driver in a car accident, or the option to tap into the P.I.P. coverage in on your own vehicle insurance policy.

How We Can Help You

It is always a good idea to see your medical doctor if you have a stiff neck for more than a few days.  However, in Florida, you do not need a prescription for physical therapy in Miami. You can call us directly and schedule your first appointment for your stiff neck physical therapy.  We’ll handle the majority of your paperwork by getting all the required information over the phone, including your insurance information.

Before you spend any time on your stiff neck physical therapy, we will communicate with you about any out of pocket expenses you will incur that are associated with our services.  Here at Physical Therapy Now, we believe in being 100% transparent, because you are our priority and we know finances may play a vital role in the day-to-day choices you make.

Getting Started

You will delight in the options available in receiving stiff neck physical therapy at any of our Physical Therapy Now locations.  You will, without a doubt, find a location convenient to you, as we have a facility every 5 miles in Miami-Dade!  Even better… each one of those facilities has an excellent team of physical therapy now doctors and physical therapy now assistants, because here at Physical Therapy Now, we hire only the best of the best to serve our patients!

Because we value your time, we strive to keep our physical therapy sessions both productive and efficient.  We will determine the best course of treatment for you and will then focus on the source of your stiff neck pain.  Using a variety of the latest technological advancements and proven traditional techniques for your stiff neck physical therapy, we will work towards the goal of reducing your neck pain with each session.

How long will each session be?  We aim for no longer than one hour, and as your pain lessens, that time frame will likely reduce.  Just imagine… that neck pain you’ve been suffering from could be gone entirely in just weeks with stiff neck physical therapy at Physical Therapy Now!

Stiff Neck Physical Therapy

If you need physical therapy in Miami for a stiff neck, call us at Physical Therapy Now to get started on prioritizing your health and healing.  You may be thinking, “Do I need physical therapy for a stiff neck?” Yes!  You do!  Our experts can relieve you of that nagging pain that won’t go away by itself!

Call us today to get started at (800) 481-4582, and we’ll get you scheduled at a time that works best for you.  Stiff neck, be gone!


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