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Stiff Neck Pain

Written by Andy Zapata

When you find yourself experiencing stiff neck pain, you’ll also learn a little something in the process.  What you’ll learn is that all this time, you’ve been taking your healthy neck for granted.  Sometimes, a stiff neck can be caused by something simple, like sleeping the wrong way or from a sports injury.  But in most of the cases we see here at Physical Therapy Now, pain associated with a stiff neck is caused by a vehicle accident.

Neck Injuries and Auto Accidents

There are many different neck injuries that can be caused by car or truck accidents because the neck is made up of so many different components. Those many parts include tendons, nerves, bones, joints, and muscles.  When an auto collision occurs, any of those areas can be damaged, but even just one injury to one of those parts can leave the victim reeling pain.  Even something as simple as a normal head turn to check the time or watch a child at play can be excruciating.

Any type of car accident can cause a stiff neck, but some of the most common car accidents associated with neck pain are:

Some may mistakenly assume that speed indicates the severity of the injury.  However, the truth is that while speed may play a factor in seriousness some injuries, even low speed accidents can cause life altering injuries.

How To Treat Stiff Neck Pain

There are several treatment options when you are suffering from stiff neck pain.  Most importantly, if you were injured in an auto accident or in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it is imperative that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible.  You may also need to contact a personal injury lawyer under these circumstances, and he/she may be able to help you in obtaining a favorable settlement for your injuries.   The longer you wait to seek treatment, the more your potential settlement amount could be reduced.

When you come to Physical Therapy Now, we help you with the insurance claim process, so you know  up front about any financial obligations you have for treatment. But perhaps more importantly, by seeking medical treatment, we can get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.  We will educate you on the things you can do at home to increase your chance of a full and speedy recovery, and you will also begin a customized course of treatment at one of our many Physical Therapy Now locations.

In home treatment remedies include:

Before beginning any of the above treatments, it is imperative that you speak with a medical professional first, to avoid the risk of further aggravating the injured area.

Should you opt for physical therapy, some of our possible treatments for neck injuries may include:

Stiff Neck Pain Physical Therapy

If you are suffering from stiff neck pain, we’re here to help.  We have many years of experience in treating patients just like you who are suffering from neck pain, and we delight in watching them move about pain free once their therapy sessions are complete.  Are you ready to live without neck pain?  Call us today at (800) 481-4582 to schedule your first appointment.  Let’s do this together!


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