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Soft Tissue Mobilization in Miami Beach

At Physical Therapy Now, we offer several types of Physical Therapy, including one called Soft Tissue Mobilization. Similar to a massage, this therapy consists of the use of hand movements and pushing strategically on muscles and ligaments. The goal is to increase range of motion, decrease pain, and restore functionality.

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Is Soft Tissue Mobilization right for me?

Soft Tissue Mobilization is useful for most anyone who has experienced an injury involving tissue damage. This could be injury from sports such as soccer, football, or basketball. It is especially helpful for someone who has been involved in a car accident where the body may have absorbed the impact of a collision and is now more at risk for torn ligaments.

Car accidents that result in whiplash or spinal injury are good examples of when soft tissue mobilization can be utilized because most injuries to the neck or spine can affect the entire upper body and result in long term implications.

Soft Tissue Mobilization Techniques

There are several techniques that your therapist can do to increase the chances of a full recovery in the shortest amount of time possible.

Your therapist will first apply pressure to the injured areas using their hands to diagnose the level of pain. They will then continue to apply pressure using different techniques or instruments to assist with the recovery of the tissue. They may also create exercises for you to do at home so you can strengthen the weakened areas more efficiently.

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Some of the most common techniques include:

The Graston Technique

In addition to using their hands, therapists may also use tools to apply pressure. One of the most popular techniques is called The Graston Technique, also known as soft-tissue-instrument-assisted mobilization. The tools used for this technique rub or scrape against the skin gently and massage the affected areas. Its goal is to break down the scar tissue and fascia restrictions associated with injury to the soft tissue. It attempts to strengthen the connective tissue and rearrange its construction and provide relief. It provides a much simpler and better healing nature for the tissue.

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Soft Tissue Mobilization in Miami

If you or a loved one has soft tissue damage, we may be able to help.  Call us at Physical Therapy Now to schedule your appointment, and we’ll see if Soft Tissue Mobilization can help you heal faster while simultaneously reducing your pain.  Reach out today at (800) 481-4582 to get started.


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