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Car Accident Rehab

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents injure over 2.3 million people the United States each year. Congested roads, long commutes, and holiday travel increase the chances of being in an accident.


You can take all the proper precautions and still find yourself injured because of the negligence of another driver. From serious crashes involving months of recovery time to fender benders causing injuries that may be more difficult to identify early on, Physical Therapy Now is here to create a recovery plan designed specifically for you. The sooner you begin car accident rehab, the better your body will likely be able to recover.


Common Car Accident Injuries

Any number of injuries can result from car accidents. Some require simple exercises and pain management techniques to recover while others will take time and patience to allow the bones and muscles heal and regain strength.



No matter the injury, it is crucial that you seek medical attention before the healing process begins. Once you have received proper medical treatment, you can begin moving forward with physical therapy once your medical doctor gives you the green light.


Physical Therapy Methods

Physical therapy is more than just exercising an injured or underused muscle. There are many treatments that can help heal your injuries and manage your pain over time.









Car Accident Rehab with Physical Therapy Now

If you have been in a car accident in Miami, contact Physical Therapy Now at 800-481-4582. Our expert physical therapists will work with your medical team to create a recovery plan that is right for you.


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