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The Top 3 Private Practice Problems

The Complications with Your PT Business – And How to Fix Them

Oh!  The headaches!  There are too many to list when you think of all that’s going wrong with your physical therapy business.  But today, we’re giving you the tools on how to fix three of the most common problems, plus a big solution that you may have never considered.

Problem #1: Your Monthly Rent/Lease Payment is Too High

When you open that bill in the mail or your email inbox every month, you probably shutter and the thought of sending in that payment.  The interesting thing is… you know it’s coming, and you know it has to be paid each month, but still, you dread it because that payment in exchange for the space you’re using is painful!

First, know that you do have options.  The chances of your landlord decreasing your payment are slim to none, so here’s what you can do:

You may be thinking “Well, that’s obvious!”  However, these are genuinely the solutions you need to consider if you want to shift the direction of your private practice physical therapy business.  More revenue can happen by tapping into your marketing budget to increase your online presence and physical presence in the community.

Changing locations may seem like a massive undertaking, and while it will be a big project, the long-term benefits will serve you – and your budget well.

Problem #2: Too Many Cancelled/Missed Appointments

Patients skip appointments either because getting there isn’t their priority, they weren’t able to get there, or they just forgot.

The effort to make sure your clients make their appointments happens long before the day they are supposed to be there.  You should have systems in place to make sure they have proper reminders.  That appointment card you’ve been filling out is great, but it’s probably buried in the bottom of a bag before they get home or worse, is dropped somewhere in that short walk from your office to their car.

Don’t stop filling out those cards, because they do work for some people, but also consider text and email-based reminders, along with the friendly phone call one or two days before.

If all else fails and they still don’t get there, call them immediately.  Kindly ask why they weren’t able to make it so you can address their concerns to help them get back on track.

Problem #3: Billing is a Hassle

You’re not the first, and you’re certainly not going to be the last physical therapy private practice that absolutely DREADS billing.  But, here’s a little something you may not know:  there are hundreds of physical therapy businesses out there that have zero or minimal problems with billing.  Do you know why?  Because they’re doing it right.  And do you know what that means?  We’re going to get real here:  YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

Billing should not be a hassle.  It’s how you make money and when it causes you stress and headaches, that means you’re not doing it the right way early on, and that leads to all the problems you’ve been experiencing.

It would be best if you shifted the way you’re handling your billing now to avoid all those headaches later.

The Solution

You probably never imagined that you would consider this option, but: FRANCHISE YOUR PRIVATE PRACTICE PHYSICAL THERAPY BUSINESS.  Physical Therapy Now is one of the fastest growing physical therapy franchise operations in the country and here’s are four reasons why:

We could go on and on with more reasons, but sit back and think for a moment about that short list above, and how much of a difference that could have on not just your physical therapy business, but on your life.  When you choose to franchise with Physical Therapy Now, you’re also choosing massive success potential!

Physical Therapy Franchise

Do you think franchising your private practice is something you’d like to explore a little more?  Consider starting with our 7-step application process.  You are not obligated to move forward with franchising your business, but the application process will give you more insight as to what is required to become a Physical Therapy Now franchisee.

To get started, go to our website or give us a call at (800) 481-4582.  Your franchise family is waiting for your call!


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