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Are Physical Therapy Clinics Closing Because of Coronavirus?

We’re in this together. Physical Therapy Now is helping to combat coronavirus (COVID-19).

Here at Physical Therapy Now, you, the patients, are our priority. We know many of you depend heavily on the services we offer, and we are 100% committed to addressing your needs during this very challenging time.

We understand that keeping your regularly scheduled appointments may not be an option, and we get it. We want you to stay safe and have peace of mind, yet still get the physical therapy you need. That’s why we’re offering virtual services to keep you on track.

You’ve probably heard about doing your physical therapy sessions online. This form of therapy is also commonly referred to as:

Most of our patients simply say they’re getting physical therapy, “through the computer.” No matter what you call it, it means you can keep your physical therapy appointments and continue with the great progress you’ve made thus far.

The telemedicine appointments won’t happen at a Physical Therapy Now location, but rather, in the comfort of your own home.

Read below for everything you need to know.

Is physical therapy an essential service?

For some people, it is. But for others, it isn’t. For those people for whom physical therapy is essential, our doors are open for treatment.

What are you doing to combat coronavirus in your clinics?

The staff at every physical therapy now location has received in-depth training in response to COVID-19.

We are kindly offering telehealth services to any patient who has a fever, a cough, or difficulty breathing. Those patients who have recently traveled (or live with someone who has traveled) are also asked to use our telemedicine services.

We are well equipped with hand soap and hand sanitizer. Our equipment is correctly disinfected after every physical therapy session and, additionally, multiple times throughout the day. If our patients request gloves to increase their comfort levels, we will gladly have those readily available.

You may also notice the smaller number of patients in our facilities during your session.  Limiting the number of people we have in one space is another step toward combating coronavirus.

How much more does telehealth cost?

There is no charge to use our virtual physical therapy services.

How does teletherapy work with insurance companies?

Our cybertherapy insurance billing platform is HIPAA-compliant, so you don’t have to worry about a lapse in insurance coverage.

Will I still see a physical therapist with my cybertherapy?

You’ll still receive the great, quality care that you’ve come to know when you visit us in the office. For every appointment, you’ll have the full attention of a professional, skilled physical therapy team from Physical Therapy Now.

What if I have questions after my telehealth session?

You can communicate with us during your session via video, or any other time via phone call, email, or text.  We’re here for you!

We’re in this together.

The APTA said it best: “Striving for the optimal health of everyone must be our goal.”

While we don’t want to turn away anyone in need of physical therapy, if any patients arrive to an appointment with COVID-19 symptoms, we will respectfully offer telehealth services as an excellent alternative.  As long as you have the internet and a phone or computer with a camera, then you still have 100% access to your quality physical therapy appointments at Physical Therapy Now.


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