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Physical Therapy in Hialeah

If you need physical therapy, you’re probably looking for two things: excellent care and convenience. Fortunately, Physical Therapy Now offers quite a bit of both. If you live in or near Hialeah, specifically, Physical Therapy Now has 11 (yes, 11!) locations within 10 miles of you. How’s that for convenience?


What Types of Injuries Does Physical Therapy Now Treat?

No matter what type of physical therapy you’re looking for, Physical Therapy Now can help you. We treat all types of injuries, including those sustained in auto accidents, workplace accidents, falls, sports, and more. Some of these injuries include:


What Services Does Physical Therapy Now Offer?

You name it; we have it. Physical Therapy Now prides itself on our state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled and trained physical therapists. No matter what type of injury you have, we have a service that can treat you, help you feel better, and get you on your way. We’re proud to offer services like:

What Can Physical Therapy Do for Me?

When most people think of physical therapy, their minds go right to rehab. Yes, we offer rehab from injuries and surgery and do an excellent job with that, but there’s so much more that physical therapy can offer. Look at some of the benefits of physical therapy:

Physical Therapy in Hialeah

If you’re looking for physical therapy in or near Hialeah, you’re in the right place. Physical Therapy Now offers 11 locations within 10 miles of Hialeah, so we’re always right around the corner. But convenience is only a benefit if the service is excellent, and we offer the best physical therapy around. Call us today at 800.481.4852 to set up your first appointment and see for yourself.


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