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Pool Therapy

Written by Andy Zapata 

Aquatic therapy has been utilized as a physical therapy treatment for centuries. Hot springs were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to improve circulation and treat illnesses. The Japanese have also traditionally used hot springs for similar reasons. Water therapy was used to improve movement and relieve pain. Today, pool therapy is used to treat several conditions and is especially helpful for physical therapy patients who have suffered significant injuries.


Benefits of Pool Therapy

When taking part in pool therapy, the buoyancy of the water helps support your weight and prevent you from further injury. It reduces your pain and helps you to perform movements that you might not be able to perform otherwise. This is especially helpful if you have a condition such as arthritis or struggle with movement after a serious injury.


The water creates resistance that you can use to perform exercises, eliminating or reducing the need to use weights. You can use this resistance to your advantage to improve your strength while limiting the amount of stress on your joints.


Spending time in the water will also reduce swelling and in many cases, this allows for more fluid movement.  For that reason, aqua therapy is often recommended if you suffer from arthritis or if you have injuries to the soft tissue that result in swelling around your joints or ligaments.


There is no “chill” when you do aquatic therapy.  The water is pleasantly warm to relax your muscles and increase your blood flow. This goes a long way toward reducing your pain during exercises. Sometimes simply soaking your muscles in the warm water can be enough to significantly reduce your pain and tension.


When is Pool Therapy Used?

Pool therapy is used to treat any number of conditions such as:



Your physical therapist will determine if pool therapy is appropriate and will guide you through the exercises in the water. Your physical therapist remain with you the entire time, so you have consistent support and guidance through the process.


Pool Therapy in Miami

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