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Physical Therapy For Cancer in Miami

Cancer treatment has evolved tremendously over the last several decades.  There was a time when a cancer diagnosis meant death was inevitable.  Then, came the time was treatment was limited to chemotherapy and/or radiation.   Now, not only are we armed with knowledge on how to prevent this disease, but we also have major advancements in both prevention and treatment.  Believe it or not – exercise plays a key role in many cancer cases.

Physical Therapy and Cancer Treatment

There is no replacement or substitution for the medical care, support and advice you will receive from your Oncologist.  This medical professional has unparalleled knowledge in cancer treatment, and you should – without question – listen to their expert advice.

One piece of information you may receive from your Oncologist is to seek physical therapy as a part of your cancer treatment journey.  This may sound somewhat odd, given that physical therapy – in the past – seemed to have been reserved for those who have injured in some way – like in a car accident – or for those who are recovering from a surgery – such as a hip or knee replacement.  You’re right – physical therapy does, in fact, cater to those individuals – but research over the last decade has pointed to the role physical therapy has in the cancer treatment and recovery as well.

Cure Today details the role of a physical therapist for cancer patients:

“Cancer treatment is a grueling course, leaving many people exhausted, weak and with a compromised immune system. Just getting out of bed can be a huge and daunting task, let alone exercising in a gymnasium or playing at the park with grandchildren. This is where a physical therapist comes in. Despite advances in medical treatments, individuals that receive cancer treatments typically experience extensive physical limitations during and after treatments. These limitations include and are not limited to cancer-related fatigue (CRF), pain, nerve damage, lymphedema, deconditioning, as well as incontinence.”

Another article notes that physical therapy and exercise is all too often underutilized in the cancer recovery journey:

“Exercise can play many roles for the cancer survivor. It has been shown to ameliorate physical and psychosocial side effects, improve cardiovascular, metabolic, and immune function, help restore proinflammatory/anti-inflammatory homeostasis, reduce health-care costs, and improve quality of life. There is also strong epidemiologic evidence that physical activity can improve survival, which has been eloquently shown in breast cancer (Holmes, Chen, Feskanich, Kroenke, & Colditz, 2005) and colorectal cancer (Meyerhardt et al., 2006).  Despite the many benefits of physical therapy, it is often underutilized in the oncology setting. There is often a lack of consensus as to when (or even if) to initiate an exercise program during treatment.”

Consider all the effects of cancer and how it takes a combination of procedures, doctor’s appointments, medications, etc., to treat the disease.  And now consider all the health benefits related to exercise and cancer prevention.  Doesn’t it then make sense that a physical therapist could play a key role in the cancer treatment process?  Ask your Oncologist for his or her advice to see if physical therapy might be a good option for you.

Physical Therapy for Cancer Treatment in Miami

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we will partner with your Oncologist and the other members of your medical care team as you embark on the journey to heal from cancer.  Your treatment will involve several courses of treatment, and we’ll help you incorporate physical activity into that recovery process.

Our skilled teams are amongst the best of the best in Miami-Dade, and you’ll also enjoy the positive, uplifting atmosphere that we embody at each Physical Therapy Now location.  Even better, we have a location within 5 miles of where you are in Miami-Dade, so getting to your physical therapy appointments are simple!

It would be an honor to join you as you heal from cancer, so call us today to get started at (800) 481-4582.


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