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Pediatric Physical Therapy in Miami

The healing benefits of Physical Therapy are available to everyone, regardless of age. Children can benefit greatly from a tailored physical therapy program, and the positive effects of pediatric physical therapy in Miami can be easily obtained. As is the case with adults, pediatric physical therapy in Miami builds strength and promotes well-being and overall health. Pediatric physical therapy in Miami is a critical component on a child’s path to recovery from illness and injury. If your child needs Miami Physical Therapy, we are here to help!


Conditions Treated by Utilizing Pediatric Physical Therapy in Miami

The overall goals of your pediatric physical therapist in Miami is to improve the lives of children who suffer from a wide range of physical issues stemming from illness, injuries and congenital conditions. Pediatric physical therapists in Miami work with children to improve their daily functionality, build strength, and develop skills to promote independent activity at home, school and within the community. Pediatric physical therapy in Miami works with children, families and primary care physicians to develop a treatment services plan for Miami Physical therapy.

There are many conditions common to children that can be treated through physical therapy in Miami. Specifically, any condition that effects movement and function are good candidates for this type of therapy, such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, Down’s Syndrome, spina bifida, cystic fibrosis, cancers, and orthopedic sports-related injuries.

The Benefits of Pediatric Physical Therapy Services

The professional physical therapists working with our pediatric population focus on the needs of the individual by conducting an initial assessment of the client and then building a tailored treatment plan. This plan will address any delays in motor skills by building strength and increasing the child’s range of motion. The assessment conducted will vary based on the child’s age and health status, and will consider flexibility, gait, balance, posture, strength and coordination. The building of core strength during physical therapy will have lasting effects into the future, and clients who regularly participate in physical therapy develop a lower likelihood of recurring injuries and illnesses.

How is Pediatric Physical Therapy Different?

We work hard to make pediatric physical therapy in Miami physically and emotionally healing by incorporating play, family involvement, and individual care to all of our pediatric clients. We find it’s easy to motivate kids to engage in therapy when it is accompanied by fun and functional activities. Our services cover pediatric patients from infancy to 18 years of age.  Should a Miami pediatric physical therapy patient need physical therapy in Miami into adulthood, your physical therapists in Miami at Physical Therapy Now stand ready to meet your needs.

Pediatric Physical Therapy in Miami

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