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Neck Pain

Consistent neck pain can have a significant effect on daily functioning. It can limit your mobility, and the pain can extend to your shoulders and arms and even down your back. Because the neck is connected to your spine, it effects many parts of the body. When the neck’s flexibility is limited, it can strain other areas as they attempt to compensate for the limitations. Suffering from neck pain can cause issues with your ability to perform necessary daily tasks.


Common Causes of Neck Pain

There are several things that can cause consistent neck pain, accidental trauma being one of the most common. Posture and medical conditions can also contribute to neck pain and stiffness. Common neck pain causes are:



Auto accidents and sports injuries can result in whiplash and long-term soft tissue pain and mobility problems. If your injury has required surgery, you might face and even longer than usual healing time and require focused treatment.


How Physical Therapy Improves Neck Pain

Physical therapy is often recommended for neck pain relief by medical professionals. If you have received medical treatment for neck pain and have been referred for physical therapy or simply have questions about how physical therapy can improve your pain, our experts at Physical Therapy Now are available to help.


Physical therapy services and improve your range of motion and strengthen your muscles. Regular exercise has been shown to produce endorphins that ultimately reduce your pain and can limit your need for pain management medications. Physical therapy treatment can improve your mobility and, with practice, improve your posture.


Treatments Used to Relieve Neck Pain

The right treatments can help you see improvements in your pain levels within weeks. The right physical therapist will communicate with your medical team to ensure that you are receiving the proper care for your injuries are medical issues. Common physical treatments used are:



Your therapist can also give you exercises that you can do at home outside of your scheduled appointments so you can find relief and resume your normal activity as quickly as possible.


Neck Pain and Physical Therapy Now

If you are suffering from neck pain and would like to receive physical therapy treatment for relief, contact our expert staff at Physical Therapy Now at 800-481-4582 to schedule your first appointment. We will assess your pain and mobility and create a plan that works for you. Start your journey toward recovery today!



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