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Miami Physical Therapy for Auto Accidents

When you have been injured in an auto accident, there are a host of decisions to make following your accident.  You may need car repairs; you need to decide if/when you will return to work, and you’ll also need to decide where you’ll go for physical therapy in Miami.

The good news is, you have several options.  However, the decision on where to get physical therapy for your auto accident should not be taken lightly.   You’ll need to choose a physical therapist in Miami with ample experience in treating car accident injuries like yours.

Common Car Accident Injuries

There are many injuries that can happen in auto accidents.  Some of the most common include:

Whiplash:  This is perhaps the most common auto accident injury. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury that can occur in any collision, including those that happen via rear-end, head-on and side impact.

Concussion:  A concussion falls under the category is traumatic brain injuries and causes a temporary loss of normal brain function.  This injury typically occurs from a blow to the head.  Many people dismiss a bump to the head as “no big deal” but in reality, should always be evaluated by a medical professional.

Back Injuries:  Back pain following a car accident is very common, and can “set in” hours or even days later.  It is crucial to receive medical treatment quickly once that pain becomes evident, not only for the purpose of the injured’s health and well-being but also for insurance purposes.

What to do When You Are Injured

Treatment for auto accident injuries typically occurs in one of three ways:

No matter what your situation is, it is crucial that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible once you have been injured.  In the state of Florida, you also have the option of getting physical therapy without a prescription from your medical doctor.  Your Miami physical therapy team will communicate directly with the insurance company to make sure your coverages are properly utilized for your physical therapy treatment.

Miami Physical Therapy For Auto Accident Injuries

Do you live in Miami and need treatment for auto accident injuries?  With excellent reviews from former and current patients and a team of talented and experienced physical therapists, Physical Therapy Now can meet your needs.  We offer numerous physical therapy locations throughout Miami-Dade to make getting physical therapy treatment convenient for you.

Call us to get your first appointment scheduled as soon as possible at (800) 481-4582.  Let’s do this together!


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