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If you have sustained an injury such as a broken bone, pulled muscle, soft tissue injury, or even head or back injury, physical therapy will likely increase your chances of making a full recovery so you can get back to your normal level of functioning. After being injured, it takes time, patience, rest, and active efforts to heal properly.


After you have spent time resting and healing, your doctor will likely recommend that you undergo physical therapy to regain muscle strength, reduce pain, and improve mobility. The injury and accident clinic at Physical Therapy Now is here.


Common Injuries After an Accident

There are many ways that you could be injured in an accident. Car accidents, work accidents, sports injuries, and slips and falls are just a few reasons you might require treatment. Some common injuries after an accident are:



Benefits of Physical Therapy

If you are suffering from pain or limited mobility or have received a referral from you doctor following an accident, physical therapy services can speed up your recovery process signifigantly.


While it is possible to forego physical therapy while healing from an injury, it is, in most situation, not recommended. Choosing not to receive physical therapy treatment can mean that you will have a slower recovery or that you have permanent limited mobility and/or pain. Choosing to get physical therapy can:



Physical therapy is so much more than just a recovery process. It is treatment for your pain and a way to prevent further injury in the future. Exercise is shown to increase endorphins and decrease pain. The consistent movement can improve your strength and allow you to actively heal under the supervision of a trained professional.


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Our expert staff at Physical Therapy Now will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to treat your injury. You will learn exercises that will strengthen your muscles and lessen your pain. Our staff will communicate with your insurance company regarding your approved services and work with you toward a full recovery. Contact our office at 800-481-4582 to schedule your first appointment.


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