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Physical Therapy Miami: The Answer to Innovation

Why you must innovate your physical therapy franchise to be successful

In today’s fast-paced business world, merely “Keeping up with the Jones'” isn’t enough to keep your business afloat.  You have to anticipate your customer’s wants and needs and then deliver exceptionally well.  If you don’t, you’ll sink.

This is especially true in the business of physical therapy. There are hundreds of these small business owners struggling because they’re not changing their business along with the changing ways of physical therapy.  In other words, they aren’t innovating.

Why Do I Need To Innovate My Physical Therapy Business?

When you started your physical therapy business, it probably did really well within your community, right?  You had all the latest technology, and your training served your clients – and your business – very well.  However, what happened over the years that your clients tapered off and your profits began to shrink?

In most cases, the issue is about what you ARE doing and what you ARE NOT doing.  For the latter, You are so comfortable doing what you’ve always done that you’re “in a rut.”  Your comfort zone is, in fact, what is holding back you and your small business of physical therapy.

How Do I Innovate My Business?

There are ways to innovate your physical therapy business from the internal “behind the scenes” aspects to the “front of the house.”

Payroll:  Is your payment system dated?  Many private physical therapy businesses don’t offer the convenience of direct deposit for employees.  The rationale is “I’ve been cutting checks for so long, why change it?”  Because NOT offering direct deposit isn’t innovative.  Offering the convenience of direct deposit to your employees will not only make their lives easier, but implementing a new, up to date payment system will ultimately make your life (and that of your accounting team) easier too!

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we have ONE payroll procedure that is used at all of our franchise operations, and yes, it is innovative, technologically advanced and is utilized successfully at each business.

Equipment:  There is, indeed, something to be said for using the traditional techniques that have along history of success.  But advancements in the development of equipment that can better serve your patient’s and increase their chances of a full recovery is paramount to your success.  Why?  Because your competition certainly is doing just that!

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we encourage and support our franchisees to stay on trend with the machines and technologies that will support your success and keep your customers coming back any time they need physical therapy.

Education:  If you don’t educate yourself about your physical therapy business, then who will?  Take advantage of every opportunity to get certified in understanding the aspects of any piece of your business, and then you can pass that information to your employees.  If you don’t get certified in a particular area, then make sure your employees do.

The more you know, the better your business will perform.  And don’t hesitate to get more educated about the ancillary services that relate to your business.  Understanding all the moving parts will only help you to serve other companies better in business-to-business relationships.

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we utilize any opportunities to further educate ourselves about not only the physical therapy business, but also the businesses with which we come in contact with day to day.

Physical Therapy Franchise

If you own a physical therapy business and need help with innovation, you should consider becoming a part of a franchise operation.  You will remain at the helm of your business (or you can hire someone else for the job!) and can likely keep the same location.  The difference though is that when you join a franchise, all those day-to-day headaches are already in solved.  There is nothing to figure out because we have done all the work for you!

To learn more, check out our website or give us a call at (800) 481-4582.


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