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How to Open a Physical Therapy Clinic

Are you a physical therapist interested in starting your own practice? The appeal of a private practice can be strong. You have the benefit of being your own boss, setting your own hours, and working with clients on your own terms. With business ownership, you can bring your expertise into your practice and utilize it in a way that you believe best benefits your clients without needing to answer to an immediate supervisor. If you are researching how to open a physical therapy clinic, consider investing in a franchise over starting from scratch with your own private practice.


Franchise vs. Private Practice

Many first-time business owners want to start out in their own private practice because they believe that this offers more freedom. While this can be true, it also involves a lot of work, time and financial investment that many first-time owners just don’t have. Additionally, a lot of mistakes are made in private practices.


According to Entrepreneur, franchises have a higher success rate than businesses venturing out on their own for the first time. While it’s true that you will need to work within the parameters of an established franchise, you will have many advantages that aren’t available with a private practice.


Benefits of Franchise Ownership

Franchise ownership provides you with several resources that you won’t have if you choose to start a business on your own.






How to Open a Physical Therapy Clinic with Physical Therapy Now

If you are a physical therapist or aspiring business owner interested in starting your own physical therapy clinic, contact Physical Therapy Now at (800) 481-4582 and ask about investing in a franchise. We are happy to share our recipe for success so you can best serve your clients.



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