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Should I Buy A Physical Therapy Franchise?

5 Reasons to Franchise Your PT Business With Physical Therapy Now

Your physical therapy private practice is wearing you out, and you’re considering calling it quits.  Please don’t do it!  There is another way to turn around your business and increase your profits to the point that right now you can only imagine. Consider transitioning your physical therapy business from private practice to a franchise.  Say, you’re not convinced?  Read on for more details.

The Systems Are Already in Place

Here at Physical Therapy Now, we have “ironed out all the wrinkles.”  We’ve already implemented the payroll, the billing, and the software programs.  You don’t need to decide what will work best for your PT business because we already know what works best!  The “plug and play” method is alive and well with our franchise operations.

You Will Be Independent

Many people make the mistake of assuming that they will have a “boss” when they decide to franchise.  That’s not how we operate at Physical Therapy Now.   We don’t tell you what to do, but instead, we work with you in unison so that you will remain at the helm of your physical therapy business.  Becoming a franchisee means you have a support system in place that will be with you as your business grows – and ultimately THRIVES!

You’ll Fall In Love With Physical Therapy… AGAIN

Remember when you loved helping people and were happy to head to the office each day?  Those days are unfortunately a thing of the past because your business is struggling in so many areas.  When you franchise your PT business, all those headaches disappear, and you’ll take comfort in knowing that you have the support of our corporate offices and a host of other private practice business owners who also transitioned into a franchise operation.

We’ll Help You With Hiring

Finding good, qualified employees is most definitely a challenge when you own a private practice.  However, imagine if you had someone to help you with hiring and the guidance of people who have ample experience in consulting on the hiring process?  That’s what we can do for you, from the receptionist at the front of the house to the billing in the back of the house, and everything in between.

Your Profits Will Increase

Of course, we can’t guarantee a specific number, but what we can tell you is this: Our Physical Therapy Now franchisees set new records regularly in their profits in the first year of opening. Some of them have double and tripled their earnings since transitioning from their private practice to a Physical Therapy Now franchise.  Moreover, they aren’t working more extended hours to make it happen; because we have systems already in place, those long days will be long gone!

Physical Therapy Franchise

If your physical therapy private practice is struggling and you want to find a way to help it thrive once again, consider transitioning to a franchise operation with Physical Therapy Now, consider all the reasons above and then head to our website to get more information.  Let’s do this together!


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