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How to Heal From Whiplash

Learning how to heal from whiplash is crucial to your recovery.

Here’s the scene:  You were in a car accident and initially thought you were going to be okay.  However, a few hours after the crash, you didn’t feel very good.    You had a headache that wouldn’t go away and pain in your neck.

You followed your gut, went to the doctor and got a surprising diagnosis:  Whiplash.   What now?  How do you heal from this injury?

Your doctor probably gave you some great information on how to heal from whiplash, so here’s a little insight that can help from another medical professional:  your physical therapist in Miami.

  1. Apply Ice/ Then Heat Later: There is no doubt you know exactly where the pain is, so ice that area correctly.  The most successful technique is to place the ice in a zippered bag and wrap the baggie in a thin cloth or towel.  Place the ice on the injured area for 20-30 minutes 3-4 times/day for the duration recommended by your doctor.  After a few days, most doctors and physical therapists will prescribe a similar application of heat, but only after the swelling has gone down.
  2. Consider Taking OTC Painkillers: Your doctor will provide you with a recommended dosage (usually of Ibuprofen or Naproxen) and will also review your medical records to determine which specific painkiller is best for you.  If these over-the-counter medicines do not work, you may be given a prescription strength pain reliever.
  3. Use a Neck Brace: All whiplash patients do not require a neck brace to recover from their injury, so only use one if prescribed by your physical therapist or doctor.   The added stability will help your muscle to rest and simultaneously heal from the whiplash.
  4. Participate in Physical Therapy: Your physical therapist is trained in helping whiplash patients just like you make a full recovery. Physical therapy techniques such as laser therapy, ultrasound and massage could help you heal and relieve your pain.
  5. Rest: When you are diagnosed with whiplash, you’ll need to refrain from extracurricular and/or strenuous activities, so as to not further exacerbate your injury.

There many other specialized techniques that can be used by your physical therapist to help you make a full recovery from your whiplash.  Depending on the severity of your injury, your whiplash physical therapy treatment will could typically range from 4-12 weeks.

Whiplash Physical Therapy in Miami

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