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How THIS Franchise Can Get You From 6 Figures to 7

Sure, you can put your money into little investments here and there.  It’s great to diversify!  You’re looking at the stock market, maybe you’ve got your 401K and you’re kicking around the different options that can bring in more profits sooner than later.

You, my friend, have just found the answer.

The Best Franchise

So, you say you want to make money?  Well, the best way you can do just that is to sell something – sell anything – that people need.  So, ask yourself:  what can I sell that people need? You can probably think of at least 10 products off hand, however, if you’re not an inventor or a food producer of some sort, your options dwindle pretty quickly.  Now ask yourself, what service can I offer that people need?  Your thought should go immediately to anything that helps people live a better life and/or anything that helps make their life easier.

Now you’re on the right track!  And guess what?  In the time it has take you to read this far, you’ve found it.   You can invest in the service of health and wellness by way of Physical Therapy Now.

Physical Therapy Now Franchise

Physical Therapy Now is unique, in that it has gone against this traditional patient routine:

  1. Patient Gets Hurt
  2. Patient Calls Doctor
  3. Patient Get Appointment for 3 Weeks Later
  4. Patient is in Pain, But Waits for Appointment
  5. Patient Goes to Appointment and Gets Referral for Physical Therapy in Miami
  6. Patient Begins Physical Therapy

With Physical Therapy Now, patients can skip steps 2, 3, 4 and 5, and instead, when they get hurt, can call one of the many Physical Therapy Now locations in and around Miami to get treatment started right away.  But know this:  The benefits aren’t just for the patients.

This franchise model has proven so successful that Physical Therapy Now locations are going up in record numbers across the country.  And what makes it so special?  It is an industry that isn’t littered with other franchise opportunities combined with the fact that physical therapists can now build their business by using an already proven-successful blueprint, as opposed to starting their business from scratch.

What’s more:  the model is so simple that franchise owners can open businesses in multiple locations, which subsequently fast-tracks the profit-making opportunities in place for each location opened.  This, because after all, people will always need a place where they can heal properly with a great team and that’s what Physical Therapy Now is all about!

How to Open a Physical Therapy Now Franchise

Are you interested in opening a Physical Therapy Now franchise?  We’d love to hear from you! email us Franchise@physicaltherapynow.com today so we can answer any questions you may have.  If you want a business that helps people, is super simple and yield high profits, reach out to us now… we’d love for you to join our Physical Therapy Now franchise family.  Call us today!


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