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What Franchise is Best: 5 Reasons to Pick THIS ONE

If you are researching franchise opportunities, you’ve likely looked into a variety of industries.  Restaurants, retail, travel, cleaning… there is no shortage of options.  However, there is one current franchise opportunity you’ve likely not considered because, at press time, there were are only a handful of companies offering franchise opportunities in this particular industry.

Physical Therapy Now burst on to the franchise scene just three years ago and has steadily opened new franchise locations on the East Coast ever since.   There are numerous reasons why you should consider opening a Physical Therapy Now Franchise, and today, we’re giving you five reasons with more to come!

  1. You Don’t Have to Be a Physical Therapist in most states

When you open a Physical Therapy Now Franchise, you don’t have to have a medical background.  If you don’t want to be “in” the business yourself, you will be like an owner-investor of any other company and reap the benefits of your financial investment.  You employ the therapists who work at your location, and we take a hands-on approach in guiding you through the franchising process.


  1. Your Franchising Fee is Low

Some franchises costs are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  With a Physical Therapy Now location, your franchise fee is just $40,000, which is far below most other franchise opportunities


  1. It is EXTREMELY Profitable

Because people will always be in need of physical therapy, the likelihood of your business performing exceptionally is very high.  The fact is, your business helps people, people NEED physical therapy and that has a significant impact on the bottom line.


  1. It’s Rewarding

Beyond financial growth, it is extremely rewarding to know you have invested in a company that helps people to live without pain and improves their quality of life. Owning a Physical Therapy Now franchise is the business that helps not just individuals, but the community as well.


  1. The Business is Growing

Because Physical Therapy Now has grown consistently since it began franchising opportunities, you will be a part of a company early on that has a proven success model.

How to Open a Physical Therapy Now Franchise

You are to be commended for considering a Physical Therapy Now franchise.  We have been proudly listed in Entrepreneur Magazine’s The Franchise 500 and believe in full transparency when it comes to the uncompromised support of our franchise owners.

Call us today to learn more about franchising opportunities at (800) 481-4582.  We would love to partner with you!


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